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Mamanda eMenu

Mamanda eMenu
The word MAMANDA is used to respectful calls of state dignitaries or ministers by the  Sultan.
Unique is MAMANDA, for here is the haven of scrumptious Malay cuisines to be partaken in the grandeur of the Istana, while being served like a Sultan on the throne. Each and every delightful dish is a sight to behold, to gratify the appetite and indulge the palates.
MAMANDA presents the pinnacle of heritage cuisines, accentuating the freshness of food, authenticity of spices and eastern culinary arts in perpetuating dishes refined by traditional cooking methods, flavored with healthy herbs and perfected with aromatic spices and the best of ingredients.
With MAMANDA, the appetite dances on the stage of divine gastronomic adventure, tastebuds sing in the garden of aroma; henceforth rises the glorious love for the legendary dishes that are still preserved from time immemorial

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January 18, 2016