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Up & Up

Up & Up

Known as Up to everyone, as Up & Up over the phone and website, and Up BrandBuzz to ACRA (companies can’t have adjectives as registered names, fyi), there’s no confusing what we call ourselves – Uppers – and what we like about what we do/have been doing these past 12 years.

We like mining insights, working ideas to those insights and making clients happier/richer/more famous for buying them. All while sneaking in a drink or two and having a laugh here and there. Every day.

It’s been kinda working for us. We are the only independent agency to have won the triple crown of Grand Prix at the SPH INK Awards, Campaign of the Year at Advertising Hall of Fame and Best Commercial at Viewer’s Choice. And we are still hungry. (And thirsty hic.)



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January 18, 2014