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Five Steps to Building an Interdependent Team

1. Know what kind of game you are playing and if you’re all playing the SAME game. Get your team on the same page. If the game you were playing was basketball, it wouldn’t work and you wouldn’t win if 3 of your teammates thought the game was tennis, football, and volleyball. Find out where everyone is at and bring everyone up to speed. 2. Move from activity-based thinking to outcome-based thinking. It’s not “do more” equals “achieve more”. The equation is “do less” equals “achieve more” by taking actions that directly correspond with the outcome you are out to produce. My team and I call this the DPO (Daily Primary Outcome) for each position, team member, and the practice as a whole. 3. Shift from “surviving” to “thriving.” In order for your practice, team, and you to thrive, you have to do what I call, Raise Your HDL™. In life you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you THINK you deserve. Nothing more. Nothing less. Consider that we all have an imaginary container that we have built in our minds that limits the capacity of all the things we can have in practice and in life. Imagine how removing that limit on what’s possible for you, your team, and your practice could impact the BIG game you are all playing. 4. Communicate only with facts and outcomes. I like to call this Managing By Agreement, or MBA. What has worked for my clients and for my own team is to only deal in facts and outcomes. This doesn’t mean that all deadlines will be met. What...
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