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RedDotRubyConf – South East Asia’s First Ruby & Rails Conference 2011

Guys, let’s join us at RedDotRubyConf – South East Asia’s First Ruby & Rails Conference 2011. There will be renowned international speakers, local practitioners, workshops about Ruby and Rails. List of speakers include: Matz – Founder of the Ruby Language Dave Thomas – Author of “the pickaxe book” and an original Pragmatic Tom Preston-Werner – Cofounder of Github. Gregg Pollack – a Hollywood director trapped in the body of a software developer Ian McFarland – VP Technology & Principal at Pivotal Labs Mikel Lindsaar – Founder of rubyx and a Rails commit team member Alex, co-founder of Vivova, will proudly be one of the presenters at this big and long-awaited event of South East Asia. He will have an in-depth presentation about MongoDB (NoSQL in general) and Scaling Web Apps. If you are interested in these topics, please come to the conference on 23/04/2011 – 15:30pm to join his presentation: “Benefits of using MongoDB: Reduce Complexity & Adapt to Changes” See you soon...
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