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Testimonial for Mr Mike Nguyen, Founder of Vinova

Testimonial for Mr Mike Nguyen, Founder of Vinova

I had the great fortune of knowing Mike Nguyen some three years back in the course of my work. He was then working for the vendor that my Company, Pan Country Driving Centre Pte Ltd, engaged for the maintenance of our in-house application system.

Actually, Mike Nguyen was supporting another client of the same vendor that happened to use a very similar system and only covered his duties when the staff in charge of my  Company was not around. Nonetheless, we still found Mike Nguyen very willing and most helpful.

Mike Nguyen, was accommodating as a person. Both diligent and efficient as a worker. Our Company was often delighted with his quick response and fast service in time of needs! His friendly disposition also helped in easy communication. With his strong Information Technology Master Degree background, no problem was too big for him and at times that he did not have a ready answer, he did his own research and humbly asked for more time.

Thank you, Mike Nguyen, for all the kind assistance!

And Congratulations too! I know a person of your character and calibre is destined for greater things and you have proven me right by being a partner of  the new start-up, Vinova, so soon! Well done, Mike Nguyen !

Susan Ang
Admin Officer
Pan Country Driving Centre Pte Ltd
Tel : 62612246
Email :

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