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Launch of a new consumer web start-up, Artchu (

Breaking new ground the Vinova entrepreneurs want to help bring the world to people in Singapore, Asia and the world.  Artchu is an online art site where anyone, literally anyone, can crowdsource emerging and talented artists (from anywhere around the world) to produce original art to exactly fit a person’s need, room, wall or lifestyle. “Art should make you happy and productive, so we are giving people the ability to get the art they want, from talented artists, and exactly as they want it.  It’s so simple, and everyone who’s tried it has had a great experience and gotten a perfect piece of original art for a fantastic price.  And that makes them very happy” – said Mike, Artchu co-founder. You can check out Artchu here:

New Android App – Vietnamese Horoscope for The Dragon Year 2012

Team Vinova has just launched a new Android app for Vietnam consumer market:  Vietnamese Horoscope for The Dragon Year 2012.  The App is now available for download on Android market iOS version will be released shortly (actually our team already submitted the iOS app, and is now waiting for approval from Apple Inc). Here are some screenshots of the app:   App’s description in Vietnamese (well, I hope you can read Vietnamese 🙂 ) Tử vi, hay tử vi đẩu số, là một hình thức bói toán vận mệnh con người được xây dựng trên cơ sở triết lý Kinh Dịch với các thuyết âm dương, ngũ hành, Can Chi… bằng cách lập lá số tử vi với Thiên bàn, địa bàn và các cung sao; căn cứ vào giờ, ngày, tháng, năm sinh theo âm lịch và giới tính để lý giải những diễn biến xảy ra trong đời người. Công ty Vinova thực hiện app “Hạn Vận Tốt Xấu Nhâm Thìn 2012” với mục đích cung cấp cho bạn thông tin tổng quát về hạn vận tốt xấu năm Nhâm Thìn 2012 – 2013. Hi vọng bạn đã tìm được thông tin hữu ích cho chính mình và người thân. Mọi ý kiến đóng góp, thắc mắc xin gửi email đến: Hân hạnh được phục vụ.  ...

New iPhone App launched for SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Centre)

The SSDC iPhone app will give you an insight into the services provided by Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC). One of the biggest and oldest driving centres in Singapore. SSDC, a private organization was established since 20 July 1983 as a pioneer driving centre in Singapore. SSDC started training for motorcycle riders on 1 April 1985 and motorcar drivers on 1 September 1985. Their mission is to promote road safety and support the long term road safety strategy of the Government. Our vision is to foster both drivers and riders with excellent skills, knowledge and manners for safe driving and riding. In year 2005, SSDC was awarded the tender to build the first multi-storey driving circuit in Woodlands. With a total land area of 25,000 square metres, it housed a 3 storey driving circuit and a 5 storey administration block that allows training and testing for all classes of licences including Class 4 and Class 5 under one roof. It also houses all complementary facilities like theory lecture rooms, a vehicle repair workshop and petrol pumps. SSDC has spared no effort in providing students with the best facilities and instructions for training on road safety. It also conducts defensive driving and riding courses, refresher driving course for qualified license holders. Our rapid development has not gone unnoticed as we were regularly invited to conduct courses in Malaysia, Indonesia, People’s Republic of China, Ghana, India, Nepal etc.  ...
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