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Lira – Life Information Reporting Assistant (NFC / RFID)

New site/app launch: Lira – Life Information Reporting Assistant (NFC / RFID) The idea of Live Information Reporting Assistant was initially developed as a cost effective solution for the better facilitation of security patrolling in Singapore. The LIRA server is a management system that allows the easy supervision of live reporting conducted by staff on the ground. LIRA involves the use of a mobile application in smart phones and near-field communication technology in order for staff members to write and submit reports while they are on the ground. The use of NFC tags allow our clients to with checkpoint tours for their staff in any compound or facility. These staff are then required to follow the checkpoints while they do their rounds. Staff can also report any incident to the server immediately, when something is out of the ordinary. The LIRA system is an effective way of monitoring live reports for management of security, facilities and logistics. Please refer to the technology tab for more information.         Technology: A near field communication tag is placed on each checkpoint in a checkpoint tour. The LIRA mobile applications provides users with the ability to use near field communication technology in smart phones to conduct their checkpoint tours around a vicinity by simply placing their phones in contact with these NFC tags. Once each checkpoint tour is completed, the information will be automatically sent to the LIRA server. The LIRA application also allows users to submit live incident reports as well as submit photographed evidence of incidents, take with the smart phones. Clients can then log in into the LIRA... – Singapore’s best selection of French wines at an unbeatable price.

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