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Web/Mobile Penetration Testing: Black Box vs. White Box

Web/Mobile Penetration Testing: Black Box vs. White Box

If you are considering having your network penetration tested then more than likely you with either go down the black box or white box route.

Black Box Testing
The main differences are that with black box texting the testers are given very little or no information prior to the penetration test. It is also referred to as “blind testing” because the tester has to find an open route to access the network.

White Box Testing
Is when the tester is given full disclosure about the network prior to the penetration testing. This will include IP addresses, source code, network protocols and diagrams. Also known as “Full Disclosure” testing.

Grey Box Testing “Partial Disclosure Testing”
In between black box and white box testing, you will find grey box penetration testing. The penetration tester will be given partial details about the network infrastructure.

Pros & Cons of Back Box & White Box Testing
In a black box penetration test the attacker will be unfamiliar with the network, which is generally more realistic to everyday penetration attacks or “hacks”. This will stimulate more accurate results, as they will not be privy to any additional information and would give you the most realistic indication of potential threats to your network.

White Box penetration testing would indicate results if you had a threat from inside the network that was using knowledge of your network, such as IP addresses, router access, active ports, web servers, FTP, and even passwords. A black box tester would not have this information and usually unable to scan the network for threats as thoroughly.


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