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LevelNet, The World’s First Cyber Security Platform Announces Token Sale

LevelNet, The World’s First Cyber Security Platform Announces Token Sale

Bitcoin Press Release:LevelNet, the cybersecurity platform with a motto–“SECURITY OF ONE IS SECURITY OF ALL” announces upcoming crowdsale.October 4, 2017, Irvine CA-The world’s very first cybersecurity platform, LevelNet Inc., has today made a public announcement about the upcoming crowdfunding through a token sale. It will be making use of profits from the project to establish a cybersecurity platform that integrates all users of antivirus products into a single network. The system enables gadgets worldwide to exchange details about risks, spotted in their os in genuine time and avoid infection attacks by hackers from all users linked to this network.A separate approach to security is not appropriate any longer as separately anti-virus services are not able to supply appropriate security. In such a situation it is necessary to unify. Pavel Shkliaev, CEO LevelNet, said:”Today, anti-virus products can protect users from some threats, however really typically are unable to handle the most recent malware.

This is due to the reality, that updates of

anti-virus programs have the tendency to happen with a hold-up after the cyber-attack, and in the meantime, users become susceptible. Our objective is to supply protection from trojan horse, malware and network security dangers in genuine time.”Present day options for infection defense are dispersed among many independent items and providers. Compared to the body immune system of the body, this resembles that each organ has

its own body immune system. LevelNet integrates independent products into a single”immune system”, consequently erasing the limits of the capabilities of one anti-virus item, and takes protection to a brand-new level. For completion user this is a simple End-Point Security application, with a variety of brand-new functions like; Dynamic Whitelist and reputational base.Expertise and analysis of new publishers to link to Dynamic Whitelist Blocking mode for software not understood to the LevelNet network. Token Sale Recap The upcoming LevelNet token sale will enable individuals

  • to purchase the platform’s native LVL tokens.
  • The token price is locked at$1 per system, with a maximum accessibility set at 70,000,000. Following the conclusion of the crowdsale, all unsold tokens will be ruined.

Those interested

in buying the token to end up being part of the effort can do so by visiting LevelNet’s site athttps:// LevelNet LVL token sale is set to go live on November 15, 2017. The presale will start a fortnight early, on November 1, 2017, with a 40%bonus offer. LVL Crowdsale Details Token Name: LVL Phase 1: non-investment Provider: Level Capital Description/Rights: Token owners will be able to utilize LevelNet services, the LevelNet ecosystem, and all its items, in addition to receiving usage of intellectual property rights. Ownership of the token admits to the Buyback Fund and MoneyBack funds secured by a wise contract based on Ethereum. It will be possible to exchange tokens for crypto shares in the

2nd phase of the project.Payout Structure: A

clever contract enables token owners to

receive payment from the MoneyBack and Buyback funds beginning from the 60th day after the offering.Quantity of Tokens Issued: 70 million Nominal Worth of Single Token: US$ 1.00 Conditions: Token generation is a one-time event with no extra tokens created in the future. Any unsold tokens will be destroyed following the crowdsale. In addition, the platform will likewise be destroying the LVL tokens that are exchanged and redeemed, utilized for ubscription of premium functions, business variation, API and other LevelNet services. Funding Requirements: Soft Cap set at $1.5 million and a Hard Cap of roughly $55 million.Exit Technique LevelNet offers 3

various exit methods to the token sale participants purchasing LVL tokens. Short-term (up to one year) The LVL token holders

can opt to sell the token by participating in the clever contract run BuyBack program. The smart contract, by supplying liquidity from BuyBack fund will be accountable for encouraging the development of LVL token cost on exchange platforms. The clever agreement immediately redeems tokens from the marketplace by developing Market Order. Its algorithms really indicate to the market individuals that they can constantly sell tokens at a market valuewithout delays, by creating a need for tokens. The buyback fund is formed at

the cost of funds gotten during the ITO and the buy-back runs till the funds are tired in this fund.Long-term(one year and more)Token holders who have actually not sold their tokens in a short-term strategy get a preemptive right to

exchange the token for a stake in the fund, whose function is to obtain local cybersecurity companies with the subsequent combination of LevelNet innovation into their items. The Fund offers a gradual reduction in the equity participation of founders and transfers to individuals, who purchased the following stages of ITO. Owning a share in the fund opens the possibility of getting involved in the distribution of profits.Output in the product (year and more)Tokens owners get access to LevelNet project software application. Besides it also opens the capability to exchange tokens for a membership to use the API and SDK for corporate users.

This, in turn, permits tokens owners to sell memberships to corporate and business users.About LevelNet Technology LevelNet integrates practically all existing anti-virus innovations into one simple, easy to use application. This distributed system allows participants to share hazard data globally and in genuine time, enabling for the whole system to end up being much smarter, much faster, than any single security, cybersecurity service provider can do today. LevelNet substantially increases the capabilities of any user installed anti-virus programs. If a user does not have any security applications installed, LevelNet can make the most of its distributed network platform and function as a self-standing application. Today’s cybersecurity solutions are limited. As one of the main service providers discovers a risk, it will typically take considerable time for that knowledge to be distributed to the overall system. New malware makes the most of this window of time to infect the best variety of gadgets. LevelNet creates an integrated, international, and instantly responsive

system to stop more malware earlier than it was possible before.About Company LevelNet Inc. is a cybersecurity company based in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2016. LevelNet provides brand-new opportunities for effective cyber-protection along with brand-new company ideas.–!.?.!Read the whitepaper here– White Paper.pdf Follow on Twitter at– @levelnetwork Follow on Facebook at– @levelnetwork Sign up with the conversation on Telegram–!.?.!Watch on YouTube at–!.?.!Follow the blog site at–!.?.!Steemit!.?.!–!.?.!Instagram!.?.!–!.?.!–!.?.!–< a href = rel=noopener target=_ blank >!.?.!Angel List–!.?.!Media Contact Name: Danil Fadeev Contact Email:!.?.!Location: Irvine, CA LevelNet isthesource of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the federal government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to customer protections. This news release is for informative functions only. The information does not constitute financial investment suggestions or andeal to invest.About Bitcoin PR Buzz Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the PR and marketing requirements of Bitcoin and digital currency tech start-ups for over 5 years. Get your own expert Bitcoin News release. Click on this link for more details about Bitcoin PR.The post LevelNet, The World’s First Cyber Security Platform Reveals Token Sale appeared initially on Bitcoin PR Buzz.

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