(New York, NY) — President-elect Trump is very pleased to announce former Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend concerning private sector cyber security problems and emerging solutions developing in the private sector. This is a rapidly evolving field both as to intrusions and solutions and it is critically important to get timely information from all sources.

In addition, from time to time because of the changing nature of this problem, it is contemplated that the President-elect will be hosting a series of meetings with senior corporate executives from companies which have faced or are facing challenges similar to those facing the government and public entities today, such as hacking, intrusions, disruptions, manipulations, theft of data and identities, and securing information technology infrastructure.

The President-elect’s intent is to obtain experiential and anecdotal information from each executive on challenges faced by his/her company, how the company met the challenges, approaches which were productive or successful, and those which were not. The attendees may or may not change from session to session, but the specific agenda subjects will likely change because of the rapidly evolving field of cyber security, and frequent developments, both positive and negative. No consensus advice or recommendations resulting from group deliberations or interaction is expected or will be solicited.

Cyber intrusion is the fastest growing crime in the United States and much of the world. Its impact is felt from the individual citizen whose identity is stolen to the large private and government entities that have seen their confidential information seriously compromised. It is also a major threat to our national security.

As the use of modern communications and technology has moved forward at unparalleled speed the necessary defenses have lagged behind. The President-elect recognizes that this needs immediate attention and input from private sector leaders to help the government plan to make us more secure.

Mr. Giuliani was asked to initiate this process because of his long and very successful government career in law enforcement and his now sixteen years of work providing security solutions in the private sector.

Mr. Giuliani is the chairman of the global cyber security practice at Greenberg Traurig and the Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners, an international security consulting firm. (link)

103 Responses to President-Elect Trump Announces Rudy Giuliani as Cyber Security Czar…

  1. booger71says:

    • Bobsays:

      I was hoping that the term Czar would not be used in the Trump administration, it relates to much to Obama and his hoard of crooks.

      • rsanchez1990says:

        It’s not in the GreatAgain.gov press release, just in the title to this blog post. If Trump’s not using it, we shouldn’t use it.

        • singingsoulsays:

          From my point of view Trump can call Rudy anything he wants. The job he does for this country matters not what name he gets. Rudy of course if he objects seems ok to change what ever he wants to be called. Just my take there are bigger fish to catch than the title of a trusted person in the administration.

          • rsanchez1990says:

            Yeah he can call him anything he wants. We can still voice our disapproval of the term czar.

            • muffyrobertssays:

              • says:

                I am sure it caused a few heads to pop though.

      • muffyrobertssays:

        It is sarcasm. Russians hacking, now we have a cyber security czar.

        • corimari2013says:

          How about Bobyshka Giuliani? Really get those Dems’ and RINOs’ heads all splodey!
          Or if that is too much, just use the English translation: Cyber Security Boss Giuliani

      • Reality Winssays:

        I’m leaning toward: Rudy Giuliani, Cyber Security Sheriff.

        Drive the left nuts by giving them all police sounding titles.

      • stringy theorysays:

        I kinda like “Great Mogul”

      • says:

        I agree Bob; my first reaction for sure. Seems like we should have a Dept. of Cybersecurity, a separate entity. Being a deporable, I deplore the use of the term ‘czar’ as harkens too much to what we are leaving behind.

      • PNWLifersays:

        Come on folks…the word czar has been used in administrations since Reagan who appointed Bill Bennett Drug Czar. Were you all clutching your pearls over the word back then?

        Still surprised how many commenters get in a tizzy over the silliest things. You still have so much to learn. Stop and think things through.

    • Kevin Sherlocksays:

      And to the man smart and tough enough to put him on the job.

      If Napoleon had, instead of turning himself into the British, sailed to America, we may well have made him Secretary of War to improve our army coming out of the War of 1812. If Old Hickory was president, he would have made such a gesture.

      Teddy Roosevelt did put the Little Corporal’s grandnephew to work as Secretary of the Navy and later as AG. Charley “the Crook Chaser” Bonaparte launched anti-trust cases and started the Bureau of Investigation, which became the FBI.

      Rudy, likewise, has had his ups and downs, but will be a great hire for the people of this nation in the job Mr. Trump is assigning him. Mr. Trump has put together a “Murderers’ Row” of talent to serve the nation.

      Lord, please bless and keep him!

  2. Mark Thimeschsays:

    This is great! But I wish they would not use the term “Czar” because it reminds me of the last administration.

    • FofBWsays:

    • booger71says:

      Don’t tell McClame…he wlll want him arrested for being a Russian spy

    • Lulusays:

      I believe they’ve been using this term since Reagan

    • Dansays:

      “Czar” usage comes from Russia (and last administration).

      We have also had things like “Gang of Eight”, in which nomenclature from Chinese communists is adopted into US usage.

      Then there is the switch in which the Republican party accepted permanent association with the color red, formally used by the communists they opposed throughout the world.

      Why one would adopt symbols and vocabulary of your defeated adversary and a wickedly evil system at that, I don’t know. Apparently some people think it is funny. Many more apparently have no historical memory of the prior usage, so its ignorance.

    • Dansays:

      Can adopt communist symbology into the US government … but certainly not Confederate flags!

  3. Publius Jenkemsays:

    Fantastic to have the esteemed and trusted Rudi Giuliani in a key role to help MAGA. Welcome Rudi!

    • muffyrobertssays:

      So happy Rudy is in as the czar against Russian hacking. lol

  4. 804hokiesays:

    I never liked the idea of “czars” in an Administration. We do need much better Cyber Security, though. I was one of millions whose info was stolen by the Chicoms in that OPM hack.

    • booger71says:

      • disenfranchisedsays:

        Same here- and it’s not just our info like fingerprints, security clearance background checks and such, it’s the whole family 😦 Spouse and children DOBs, SSNs….

  5. Bluto✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈᵈᴿᵘᴺᵏᵃᴿᵈsays:

    Everything is moving along nicely. I’m so pleased! Winning!

  6. Angelasays:

    This is great no matter what term is used to describe the job. He needs someone he can trust. And he can trust Rudy.

  7. floridawoman4trumpsays:

    Congratulations to Rudi, another great member of the Trump team. Rudi is a special man and a great patriot. #MAGA

  8. susiepumasays:

    I wish someone who tweets would Tweet to Trump to dump CZAR……this is America, not Russia and we don’t need or want any Czars………………………..

    • says:

      I read the link again and he never uses the word czar.

      • jefcool64says:

        That’s the joke. Russians. Czars.
        Come one people let’s roll with this

    • Southern Sonsays:

      Communist Zealot
      Against the Republic…
      OboMao would hope so.

  9. jerrydon10✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸says:

    I am tickled pink that we found a place for Rudy…..You need to dance with the person that brung you and Rudy helped steer this movement down a long, difficult, winding road……He will always be one of my heros–an American patriots patriot……

    • Concernedsays:

      I’m so happy too!! Great spot for him.

      • freddysays:

        Sounds corney OK but I see God’s hand working in many areas right now and a lot of prayers answered……..This is one of them to me….A big one…I take a big sigh now and bow my head…

  10. Dommysays:

    Hope Rudy has lots of bright young people working for him. No one Rudy’s age can hope to be cutting edge in things cyber — John McAfee and his type of course excepted.

    • jerrydon10✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸says:

      He does…..Rudy already has an International company that does cyber security.

      • Marygrace Powerssays:

        Right Jerry/ above in Sd/Excellent fit for Trump/America/

        “Mr. Giuliani was asked to initiate this process because of his long and very successful government career in law enforcement and his now sixteen years of work providing security solutions in the private sector.

        Mr. Giuliani is the chairman of the global cyber security practice at Greenberg Traurig and the Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners, an international security consulting firm.”/

      • litenmaussays:

        jerrydone, :0) knowing that Mike Morell and John Panetta over at Beacon Industries were pretty likely to be the security kingpins during the Hillary Presidency and knowing that Rudy can shut them out slicker than bat goo, makes Rudy’s appointment doubly fun for me.

  11. doit4atlassays:

    I love that such a great man is in the Trump administration. It also takes the issue away from the dopey dems whose leader, Barack Obama, did absolutely NOTHING for 8 years to stop this or punish perpetrators. NOW Trump can clean this up and MAGA!

  12. helmhoodsays:

    And the last great Mayor of New York City, before it went full communist.

    • wyntresays:

      NYC will be back once DeBoobio loses the next election.

  13. filia.aureasays:

    Here’s hoping Mayor Guiliani surrounds himself with tech. experts who UNDERSTAND the difference between SURVEILLANCE cyber and DEFENSIVE cyber. The famed ’17 IC’s’ are wasting $T of taxpayer money. Work with people like John McAfee, Kimdotcom, Assange. And no, you don’t have to like them.

    • yellowrosetxsays:

      Totally agree and well said.

  14. Slim Diddysays:

    Per Trump yesterday (paraphrased): He (Trump) did not tell anyone in his organization about the intel meeting.
    Conclusion: Someone in the intel community leaked the meeting.
    Action Plan: Root out the rats with Giuliani.

  15. trummpinsays:

    Trump is cutting of the globalists secret back door channel for conversations…😂😂😂😂
    There is no other reason for our government not to have cyber security against hacking of any level.

  16. freddysays:

    Problem solved……..No more rogue intel freaks putting Russian stamps or signatures on kids like 4chan hacking simple stuff like Podesta with old software they got half price on the net…This stops the use of CNN’s fake emails sent for deflection or Russian transmissions about hookers or any other fake data and info the media and guys like Mccain can hardly wait to use…..Hurray..I feel much better…No rogue heads of the CIA pinning fake reports about golden showers they know aren’t true to intel reports then leaking them…..Does old man McCain think we are not savvy with software and machines……….CNN and buzzfeed could not have succeeded without intel help attaching worthless info to real briefings….Prison ….Sedition to use false claims to bring down the govt……Get ’em Rudy I’m cheering……

  17. says:

    This really makes me so happy! As a resident of NYC all my life, we owe him all the thanks in the world for cleaning out the mafia before he was a mayor, for MNYGA (Make New York Great Again) as our mayor for 8 years and for being our rock throughout 9/11.

    He also was there with our President every step of the way! Rudy and our President will get this handled so that we will be at the top rather than at the bottom where we are today.

    • Concernedsays:

      Can you imagine DeBlasio in charge during an attack of the magnitude of 9/11? I can’t. Rudy was awesome. You definitely need a rock in that kind of ultra traumatic situation.

      • says:

        That POS would be in his safe space (which is his bed)

    • Dommysays:

      And, like Trump, he had to clean up the mess left him by another failed social experiment predecessor, David Dinkins.
      Despite vicious left-wing opposition Rudy turned New York City around just like President Trump will with our country.

      • says:

        Dommy would you agree that if it wasn’t for Dinkins, Rudy as a Republican would never had gotten elected? Dinkins just like Barry was so bad it made the liberal city say I am voting for a R.

  18. Concernedsays:

    In 8 years idiot Obama did nothing with cyber security. Shameful! During his tenure there were many dozens of high profile big loss attacks! Remember when he won in 2008 he was supposed to be the young hip computer-savvy President? As with all of the other compliments paid to him, it was based on NOTHING. He has done NOTHING.

    • JCsays:

      There has never been so inept a President as BO. Combine that with his inborn hatred for America/Americans and his incessant lying spawned from an evil world view, it’s a miracle America survived these eight interminable years. It speaks to the depth of depravity of the BO administration that it will take someone like Trump to right the Ship of State. Strong medicine, indeed, and oh, how we need it. He takes the lead 24/7, thank God; we have his back with prayer, vigilance and action.

  19. Craig W. Gordonsays:

    Per Trump yesterday (paraphrased): He (Trump) did not tell anyone in his organization about the intel meeting.
    Conclusion: Someone in the intel community leaked the meeting.
    Action Plan: Root out the rats with Giuliani.

  20. The ghost formerly known as Princesays:

    Note to President Elect Trump: Please stop using the term “Czar”.

    In America we have secretaries, and directors, but not “czars”.

    • SteveInCOsays:

      Trump didn’t, Sundance did.

    • Concernedsays:

      I don’t think Trump used that title. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think Giuliani is officially an “adviser”.

    • bofhsays:

      OK. Not “czar”: How about “Bull-goose loony”, or if you prefer, “MMFIC”?

  21. Mike diamondsays:

    Rudy j will do a good job !!! Right on, its all coming together !!

  22. freddysays:

    Now Trump needs a media specialist who can swat flies like CNN as they pump out fake news. No defense and KAC who I like but not tough enough…We need real barracudas to counter the media. Constantly playing defense will lose the game…Take these evil attacks and crush them before they gain ground and Obama starts working full time in far left marxist propaganda machines and Soros style organizing…Come on these guys are communists and not playing for candy they want the country………

    • muffyrobertssays:

      Trump does that himself. He likes pointing out the crooked/fake news media.

  23. lastinillinoissays:

    Is Sundance trolling us by using the term “czar”?

    • lastinillinoissays:

      You forgot to include this link after the word “czar”:

      • Charlessays:

        Ok, I’ll go there. I feel sorry for Rick Astley. He’s got a great voice (albeit you’d never expect to hear it from the way he looks), and I’ve read he’s a very humble guy. Every time I see a “rick rolled” link, I love listening to it again.

      • Enlightened Vulgariansays:

        On the other hand, there must be at least one deplorable Clash fan here. Rudy can’t fail….

    • Erissays:

      • lastinillinoissays:

        Well that explains why I’ve always felt a natural discomfort with the word.

  24. NJFsays:

    Love it. This seems a very good fit for Rudya d I’m so glad he will be part of the administration.

  25. Mr.Rightsays:

    This is exactly the role a government need to take.

    Because the crimes are most often done by foreign citizen on foreign soil.
    This need deep coordination between countries.

    Also if we control the internet, we can cut off location where attack originates,
    and or use our own DOS attacks on those networks.

    Its surprising corporate espionage (theft) get so little press and so little governmental support.

    On that note, China refuse to police crimes and so need to pay the US billions in damages from thefts/counterfeit products. Microsoft alone would probably be awarded 156 billion from the piracy of their operating system and office software in the past 20 years.

    In some country people pay a tax on blank media because of piracy… the Chinese government need to be forced to do the same, and use that money to pay US companies.

  26. says:

    What the…! You mean to tell me that PE Trump is going to use private sector security experts who know what they are doing to work on the problem instead of the incompetent government cyber security morons who allowed this mess to fester?
    This is unprecedented, haven’t seen this kind of approach to problem solving in government in decades.
    What ever happened to doing the same stupid thing over and over hoping for different results?

    • says:

      Correction- incompetent UNION government cyber security morons.

  27. wyntresays:

  28. JustMesays:

    SO disappointed that “America’s Mayor’s” title in the Trump administration isn’t “Special Prosecutor”

  29. says:

    This news makes me so happy. Rudy is my guy. I wanted him to be president but I will take him i any role. And this may indeed be the most important role of all. God Bless You Rudy!!

  30. muffyrobertssays:

    Rudy is the only one appointed who is called a czar. He is in charge of cyber security, Russians hacking us; it is sarcasm.

    • says:

      Me too! No more PC! A return to humor! Rudy poised to kick some tail. It is indeed morning in America folks!!!

  31. Athena the Warriorsays:

    Excellent fit for Rudy. He will be tough an use his prosecutor skills to root out leaks by likely coordinating with Lt. Gen. Flynn, KT McFarland, Monica Crowley, etc. The more I think about it, the more of a strategic move this is.

    The Intelligence community has been compromised as all government departments have. In a way, the overheated attempts to bring down PE Trump with the “Russian hacking” nonsense plays right into his hands. He now has the full latitude to go hard after cyber security and investigate and prosecute all leaks and hackings that compromise national security.

    I can see Rudy upon investigating cyber security protocols finding all sorts of evidence of crimes that need to be turned over to AG Sessions for further investigations. Can’t be accused of witch hunts. This is a matter of national security, why McCain and Graham demanded it!

  32. Kelnsays:

    As someone that was effected by the OPM breach (presumably by Chinese hackers) a couple years back, it cannot be understated how important it is for our government to get on top of cyber security. All jokes about Russian hackers aside, it is a very real problem.

    Our government has not grown to fit security needs when it comes to computers anywhere near as quickly as the private sector has, where breaches affect their bottom lines. This is very much a national security issue. The OPM breach was a prime example, where likely many people with a clearance had all of their personal information dating back years stolen by a foreign power.

    That information can be used for espionage purposes, for example: having enough personal information on someone with a top clearance in a very sensitive area that a foreign power wants information on, that they can run a credit check on them and find they are deeply in debt. Then they offer enough money to cover that debt in exchange for seemingly harmless low-level classified information.

    If that person can be convinced to do that, they then will blackmail them for more sensitive information later on, effectively making them an asset.

    Oldest trick in the book, but it has a new tool in cyber warfare.

    And it can effect every person in America, whether they work with or for the government or not. All of us has personal information on a government server somewhere. Foreign powers aren’t the only hackers…there are also the criminals looking for ways to commit fraud. Think about the information you put on your tax forms every year. Do you want some hacker in Romania to have access to that? How much does it really take to fraudulently get access to your bank account? Or your credit accounts?

    And the weak link so far has been our government’s cyber security. It’s time this problem was solved, and fast.

    • booger71says:

      I was too, and from what I saw, the federal government uses the most outdated software and hardware I have ever seen (at least at the agency I worked for..DOJ)

      • Kelnsays:

        DOE as well. They all use the same “standardized” suite of software across the board I think. Standardized of course means, inflexible, pre-approved years ago, and now obsolete.

  33. jefcool64says:

    I think Sundance’s czar joke (czar=Russian) went over everyone’s head

    • muffyrobertssays:

      Everyone is so sensitive to the junk Obama did to us, they didn’t take time to get th joke

  34. NHVotersays:

    • NHVotersays:

      Oh shoot. I thought I was in the open thread. I should stop keeping more than one window open.
      My apologies!

      • NHVotersays:

        Oh shoot again. I totally misread that tweet.
        Please delete my previous 2 posts!
        I’m so sorry.

        Listening to Democrats all day has caused my brain to malfunction.

  35. woohooweesays:

    Congrats for America’s Mayor Giuliani!

  36. Charlessays:

    Job One: Fire all those porn-watching government employees as cyber security risks.