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Comparing payment gateways for an e-commerce store in Singapore

Zan did a great job of comparing several payment gateways in Singapore. In summary, below are what i found to be important.

Available Options in Singapore:

Cost Comparison

World Pay Enets Paypal Payment express
Set up fees S$250 S$200 Free S$150
Annual fees S$650 S$450 Free S$600
Transaction fees 4.50% 4.50% 3.4% + S$0.50 100 free transactions, S$0.50 per transaction thereafter

Final Decision?

Eventually, we decided to use Paypal Website Payment Standard. Why? First, the cost is the lowest. There are no set up fees or monthly fees. You only pay when there’re purchases. Second, the process is easy to set up. All I needed is a credit card. Applying for a merchant account at the banks is a hassle in comparison. There is processing time, and added charges for the set up can be quite hefty.

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