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What Comes After the iPad? The iBoard and iMat, Of Course!

Bigger is always better, right?

Most people don’t like the way Apple rolls out products. The company releases a device, only to roll out the “next version” a year later. The newer model usually contains only a few minor tweaks, which could have been implemented on the original (copy-paste on the iPhone anyone?).

It was this mindset that had people criticizing the iPad. “It’s just a giant iPhone,” they said. “It even runs the same OS as the iPhone and iPod Touch!” Well here’s one for the people who think Apple’s line of products has gotten just a bit too linear.

The folks over at have predicted the next two iterations of the Apple iPad. Behold! The iBoard and the iMat!

The iBoard and the iMat!

The iBoard and the iMat!



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