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One of the largest driving centres in Singapore has just become our client: SSDC

Singapore Safety Driving Centre, SSDC, a private establishment, was set up to support part of the long term road safety strategy of the Singapore Government. Their mission is to foster both riders and drivers with excellent skills, knowledge and manners for safe riding and driving.

Besides a well designed training circuit, 125 motorcycles, 133 motorcars and 254 professional trained instructors, the Centre also introduced Advanced Safe Driving Course, Advanced Safe Riding Course, Refresher Driving Course and Road Safety Education Talk.

SSDC has spared no effort in providing students with the best facilities and instructions for training on road safety. Each year, the Centre turns out an average of 4,500 responsible drivers and 4,000 safe riders in the last 5 years. Their rapid development has not gone unnoticed as they were regularly invited to conduct courses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Brunei and People’s Republic of China.

Visit SSDC website to know more about them:

Singapore Safety Driving Centre, Singapore

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