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Ultimate Arrow – the “Best of the Show” in Casual Connect Asia 2013

Android, Games, iOS, Team | June 5, 2013

May 23rd 2013 was an amazing day for Vinova which marks the most successful step since the day Vinova ventured into the mobile game industry. We won the “Best of Show” award with the castle defense game title “Ultimate Arrow” in Casual Connect Asia 2013. The prizes come with a Blackberry Z10, US$1000 in cash, and most importantly, chances to collaborate with publishers like mig33.

Nearly 70 Indie game studios came to the competition of the Indie Game showcase with their greatest games. It was really tough to win the top prize. However, Vinova did it. The magic probably happened on the last day of the event when Stefan Nguyen – our Lead Game Developer had a presentation about the application of Spine in 2D game animation and invited the audience to visit our booth for discussion.

The selling point of Ultimate Arrow would probably be its unique and outstanding Asian art style. The play game is fun, and easy but can be pretty challenging as the game progresses. Furthermore, the legends of the ancient Vietnamese behind the game are another factor that fascinated the players, especially the publishers from the US and Japan.

Ultimate Arrow tells a story about King An Duong Vuong from the Au Lac dynasty who used a mighty crossbow to protect his country and the citizens from the ugly and fierce barbarian invaders. The players will control the crossbow, heroes, and soldiers and cast all kinds of spells to defeat the enemies.

Developed in late 2012, this is the second time Vinova introduced Ultimate Arrow to the public and received lots of great feedback. Vinova considers all these supports as a motive to complete and perfect the game quickly. Ultimate Arrow is now still in the alpha phase and will be launched soon in Apple App Store and Google Play. Do download and support us. had an article about Vinova’s success in Casual Connect and evaluated it as “not bad for a company that started life as a developer of mobile apps”.

AN OLD Vietnamese legend has been given new life on mobile devices with the award-winning game Ultimate Arrow…Not bad for a company that started life as a developer of mobile apps. A Singapore-based company with a 30-person development office in Hanoi, Vietnam, Vinova has developed dozens of mobile apps for Asian brands like Tiger Balm and Ayuthaya Spa. The decision to move into games was, according to Mike Nguyen “challenging but fun”, and Ultimate Arrow is the company’s fourth game developed to date. “

Blackberry and also mentioned Vinova with Ultimate Arrow in their articles as a winner of the Indie showcase and a potential game that will attract global gamers.