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A story of Indie game with Vinova on MDA (Media Development Authority) website

A story of Indie game with Vinova on MDA (Media Development Authority) website

“Demand for casual games is expected to soar with the dramatic rise in mobile web, tablets and smartphones consumption in Asia in the next two to three years. More Indie game developers like Vinova, Lewenhart Studios and other game-changers are taking on the global market, at Singapore’s doorstep.”

The above quote is the introduction of an article named “In Good Company – Indie game developers get “Thumbs Up!” at Casual Connect Asia 2013 ” on MDA website which tells a story of mobile game development in Asia based on the event Casual Connect Asia 2013.

In this story, Vinova was told as a successful Indie game developers with the castle defense game “Ultimate Arrow“. Ultimate Arrow had won the “Best in Show” award at the Indie Showcase in Singapore, given out to the game voted the best by CCA participants during the three days.

In Casual Connect Asia 2013, Stefan Nguyen – Vinova Lead Game Developer also had a speech to share the experiences of Spine in 2D game development.

Do access the link for the full article.

Vinova is going to launch “Ultimate Arrow” by July 2013, and is exploring opportunities with professional publishers to promote the game in Asia. Do download and support us.

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