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Open Game Development Conference 2013

Open Game Development Conference 2013

Flemington building, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 20 July 2013, the annual event Open Game Development Conference (OGDC) came back for its second time. Organised by VNG, the event is aimed to create opportunities for local game developers to learn and share as well as listen to experiences from both local and foreign experts on the game industry.

At OGDC 2013, beside speakers from VNG, guest speakers from Vietnam and Asian studios such as DeNA Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore NHN, Cami Games JSC and of course Vinova Pte Ltd, were invited. Activities in this event included, but not limited to, sharing practical experiences in game development, from how to develop a successful game to strategies in game development or the concerns about this competitive field. A very popular topic that was discussed is Mobile Game – the hottest trend nowadays with the popularity of smartphones.

Taking part in OGDC 2013, Vinova sent 3 speakers: Mr Cody Nguyen, Lead Web Developer, presented “Cross platform game development for mobile web”, Mr Alviss Ha, Lead Designer, talked about “Dong Son Art Style in mobile game” and Mr Stefan Nguyen, Lead Game Developer, contributed the topic “Awesome 2D game development with Spines”. They brought to the conference our latest game, which is still under development, Ultimate Arrow. The game attracted a lot of attention from the crowd.
The slides of the above mentioned presentations as well as others in OGDC can be found in this link. The recorded video of the session will be available soon.

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