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New Site Launch:

Technologies | February 21, 2015

I’m happy to announce a new website launch for our client:

MoveAide helps moving companies around the world collect, showcase and manage their customer feedback.

Their cloud based customer feedback system relieves moving companies of the costs, inefficiencies and complexities of maintaining a traditional customer feedback system.

mover review website


They not only provide you with a hassle free way of collecting real time customer feedback, we also help showcase your customer reviews on a neutral platform. Their social media integration will help your positive reviews spread their reach increasing your online presence.

Instant alerts ensure that less than stellar reviews land on your lap instantly for that quick service recovery.

Their real time analytics will provide you with service quality performance scores on multiple levels helping your company keep that competitive edge.

And to top it off, their integrated search engine optimization ensures those great reviews appear where your potential customers are looking.

At MoveAide, their main goal is to help you transform your customer feedback into increased business performance and sales.

Start your 60 days free trial now at