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Infographic: Insight of Mobile app development process

Infographic: Insight of Mobile app development process

Developing an awesome mobile application is not an easy task, both developers and business owners struggle to understand the numerous aspects of mobile app development. Many times, business owners are not able to decide which platform to choose for their new mobile app and many times developers are not able to understand the exact requirements of their customers. This causes multiple problems and unsuccessful deployments of a mobile app.

You certainly do not want your app to be unsuccessful, thus it is necessary that you understand the basic process and principles of developing a smartphone application. Nine Hertz, an iPhone app development company has recently researched about all these facets of mobile app development and designed a beautiful infographic.

This visual graph describes multiple things:

  • the whole back end and front end process of mobile application development
  • the cost to build an app according to features
  • the per hour rate of various countries for iOS and Android app development
  • the latest trends that will dominate the mobile app development industry in the upcoming years



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