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Mobile App Development: Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Mobile App | October 15, 2019

Over the years, the mobile app industry has substantially grown. According to Statista, the total number of apps available for download in leading app stores are 2.1 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store was on second largest position with almost 2 million apps.
Wondering why apps fail? An increase in the number of mobile apps does not mean they are qualitative. As we say “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost,” do not fall, a victim of positive thinking, because the thought itself will forbid the conditions of failure. App success starts with studying mobile apps failure, not from why a single app out of thousand succeeds.
According to Gartner the commercial success of mobile apps in 2018 was .01% which sounds alarming for the mobile app development industry. If you are planning to launch a mobile app to generate revenue, study why others didn’t make it, what were their mistakes, ensure that you won’t repeat them when planning a mobile application to stand a chance in the mobile marketplace.
Here are the top reasons why apps fail miserably. Over half of the mobile apps in play store get few to no downloads. Seeing the decent downloads of an app, 60% of the audience drops off the app. The app faces 80% drop off rate within the first week, never to be used again.
Top Reasons From The Industry Experts On “Why Do Apps Fail?”
1. Dedication is the key to a fruitful idea generation
A decision to launch a project should be research driven not fund driven. Is there a market for your app? Would people want to use your app? Is your idea defined clearly to be executed? Apart from this research, you should also consider the level of competition with other apps and provide a solution for the core problem and analyze the amount of investment into developing a mobile app.
A constant iterative process can be beneficial to continuously meet the needs of users and engagements. There should be a dedicated approach to know the market space of an app, in accordance to its competitor and the features of an app should solve the crucial problem of the set audience.
PRO TIP Ideation of the app should be interesting, involving & fund raising.
2. Belief makes the process easy
Is it something that you want to create for the sake of it? With millions of apps out there vying for the attention of users, such a mobile app will never work. Building an app without believing in the idea will leave you and your team nowhere. For a convincing mobile app for users, the developers should be confident beforehand. Consumers will perceive an app if the makers have belief in their making.
“Believe In One’s Work,” is an apt saying to explain the importance of belief. The team that does not believe in the app’s vision will never be able to look beyond to carefully meet requirements and is bound to do typical mistakes which will cause hindrance in successful mobile app development.
The developers have to be on the same page of positivity and belief to make the app a profound success. A team effort can set new parameters in building an app idea and should focus on developing an effective functional user experience.
PRO TIP The mobile app creation successfully gets along with users when the ideator with the development team has believed the app idea.
3. Lack of marketing plan
How will users know about your product until you don’t market your app well in advance? For growing a mobile app, there is no requirement of complex marketing strategies. Following a proper marketing strategy with an essential budget and buzz-generating content can make your audience aware of the app.
As the mobile app market has evolved over the years, the lifecycle of an app in this competitive mobile world will be very short. The app developers have to come up with an optimistic marketing strategy, a solid plan will help drive app new installs and re-engage target audience.
There is a thin line in hitting download targets and languishing amongst millions of apps. Borrow promotional ideas and strategies from other industries to market your mobile app efficiently. The marketing journey starts when the app is into the app store. Finding potential users, getting them to download the app basis and keep them coming back is the arduous task for any developer.
PRO TIP Treat your app as you treat any product- Do not launch your app without proper marketing.
4. Poor user-experience
Will you use any service or product whose features are hard to function? No, right? The same reaction is of the users when downloading a mobile app with an expectation of seamless functioning. Positive user experience is key to getting users to leave positive reviews and increasing searches for the app in the app store.
With the users expecting results familiar and consistent with other platform applications, you should consider that while making a user-friendly app design. Here’re some of the poor user interfaces that might irritate your users: Performance issue Long registration processes Long loading time Difficult features to access Bad UI design
By avoiding certain design loopholes, you can provide your users with a pleasing experience and can give your business a revenue-generating app.
PRO TIP Effortless user-friendly experience allows easy functioning with attractive designing.
5. Lacks in developing a flawless app
Can anyone develop a mobile app? This is a hyperbole statement in itself. Mobile apps are built by strategizing features and functionality, monetization backup, a marketing plan that stands out from other competitors. It takes a lot of brainstorming and tracking data relentlessly to increase downloads and improve the advertising strategy.
A team of efficient mobile app developers who are good at analyzing the problems and state the solutions beforehand can cope up with this technologically advanced mobile app industry.
Testing an app continuously assures that it will run smoothly under various unfavorable circumstances. So, a developer with full dedication and focus can develop a successful mobile app for any service/ product related to your business.
PRO TIP Develop an app with an efficient and hard-working team.
All you need is to learn the reasons why other apps have failed and avoid such mistakes in your app development process. Avoid typical small errors and remember active research can bring revenue as well as goodwill through the mobile app for your business.
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