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6 Simple (Yet Effective) Tips To Better Manage Your Church Schedules

Others | March 2, 2020

6 Simple (Yet Effective) Tips To Better Manage Your Church Schedules

Management is required for every task. Without organizing things, you are messed up in your head whether improvements are required or not. And if there is a huge system working under you. It’s necessary to plan a schedule for every activity. The church is a place where individuals come to serve their lord as well as the community around them. A huge system and management operate it. Managing the church system requires skill, just like required for operating day to day activities of a small business.

There are many things to handle at the same time. You have to maintain the framework, handle people, allocate the funds collected, to operate church management software, and the system as well. It’s not an easy task to manage them and you require proper teamwork for this purpose. There are proper pastors and administration teams for the management of the church and liabilities are segregated among them. 

You need to adopt effective ways to management of schedules and programs, here are some simple ways to handle this:

Management and membership software 

For organizing schedules, proper software must be installed. Every member should have access to this software because it will be utilized by each staff member in the church. The software will assist in recording and organizing everyday operations and tracking advancement in the congregation. Its key purpose is to deal with recording tracks of donations and funds. While installing or updating go for the best technology

Effective internal control and segregation of duties

Normally it has seen people face problems regarding mismanagement and broken trust of the church staff. To overcome these, proper internal controls should be implemented and duties should be in different hands to avoid such disorganization. Just like handing over finance to a single individual can be risky. Internal control systems over cash or fund receipt and payment should be maintained and cross-checked by a higher authority in church management.

Prepare volunteer schedule

For better planning and organizing things, you can prepare a proper volunteer schedule. That includes a list of individuals and their chosen responsibility. For this purpose, you have to inform them about the vision, mission, and conduct of the church. This schedule makes sure the presence of people needed around and at any time. In order to reduce the risk of confusion, there should be prior communication with volunteers and proper training sessions as well. In short, church management is dependent on dedicated volunteers for the successful implementation of programs. For better management, the church uses effective volunteer scheduling software and prepares them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Draft service plan

Leaders in the church want to provide excellent, accurate and engaging daily or weekly services for the congregation. Either a new person is visiting or an old visitor comes in and they try to provide them or serve them with the best. So, the leaders and management authorities spend most of their time in planning what services will be more welcomed. Your drafted schedule should be aligned with the services you are planning to provide on a daily or weekly basis. 

Distinct scheduling

There should be different schedules for different tasks. Instead of entering all-day activities in one program. Prepare distinct schedules for worship hours, after-service time with ministry, food, crowd and security management, and specific events. Any negligence in drafting them will affect the overall reputation of the ministry. For example, if security, scheduling is not properly assigned, then it may cause severe violence. In short, volunteers should be in place to keep an eye on every happening during or after worship hours. 

Early communication and a reminder to volunteer

When duties are volunteered successfully and schedules are prepared. Now before the actual application of those assigned tasks, volunteers should be timely communicated about their final duties. So, they may get any tools and equipment required. It has been observed many times that volunteers back up at the actual time of performance and at that sensitive hour you have no other individual available for dedication. It’s better to give them reminders again and again normally it can be done with the last hours’ questions and their replies will ensure you their arrival at the needed hour.

Concisely, planning is a key component required at any stage for the achievement of goals. Where there is a large gathering of people every time. You need proper teamwork to handle them. There is a dedication of multiple people behind a successful happening. So, for any event or operation a checklist should be prepared and with available resources try to achieve maximum goals.