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10 Best React Native App Templates of 2018

Mobile App | June 23, 2020

React Native has been gaining in popularity for one obvious reason: it allows developers to write code across different mobile operating systems. This means that you no longer have to build the same app for iOS and for Android from scratch or specialise in one or the other operating system. Now you can code apps for both platforms with the same powerful JavaScript technologies you use for building web apps.

Pioneered by Facebook and released as open source, React Native is being used by apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, etc., and can only go from strength to strength.

To help keep you updated about the best React Native app templates on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best available at CodeCanyon for 2018.


One of the most popular React Native app templates available at CodeCanyon, MStore Pro allows users to convert their existing online shop to a mobile store app.

The template requires no coding skills and is very easy to customise. It is fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, supports PayPal, Stripe, and COD, and allows users to log in with their Facebook account.

User Abhibavishi says:

“Awesome product, great support! Love the quality of the code, along with the final output. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!”


App Platform only came on the market in January but is already one of the best-selling app templates at CodeCanyon for the year. That’s probably because it’s a bundle of multiple apps that follow the same design and coding pattern, and it enables developers to create any number of apps including recipe, restaurant, events and/or shopping apps.  

In addition as part of this bundle, developers also get the Firebase Admin Panel to be used as the admin for all the apps, from which you can manage the app content, layout and design, send push notifications, and manage orders. 


Currently one of the top-selling and best-rated templates in this category, BeoNews allows users to convert any of the content on their WordPress site, including video, photos, and blog, into a mobile app. BeoNews stores user data on Firebase and synchronises across devices.

User bull-tech says: 

“Excellent support! Code is very good and clear. Best WordPress to React Native project on the market.”


With our demanding jobs and busy family lives, it is no wonder that productivity apps are among the most popular of mobile apps.

The cleverly named Tudu React Native app template aims to help developers create a simple, streamlined productivity app that will appeal to a wide cross-section of users. The app features a splash screen, offline storage, swipe actions to complete or remove items, insights charts, and more.


If you need to convert WordPress or Shopify sites into professional and fully functioning mobile apps quickly and easily, the gikApp React Native mobile app template is ideal. 

The developers provide step-by-step video instructions, and if you’re not sure the app is right for you, you can take advantage of the free trial on offer and take it for a test run before you buy.

Template user phowr says: 

“I decided to use gikApp to build a mobile for my spa business. Work like a charm. Very smooth, no lag.”


Antiqueruby is every app developer’s dream. That’s because the app template, which is another newcomer to the market, is designed to save developers hours of work by providing them with stylish and clever UI and UX components to customise their apps. 

Created using Material Design and offering over 140 screens for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, navigation, etc., it’s no wonder that Antiqueruby has become one of CodeCanyon’s bestsellers. 

7. ListApp

ListApp is a great React Native app template for developers looking to create any app with content that takes the form of lists. So if you’re interested in creating an app for the top restaurants, shops, sights, etc. in a specific area, this would be the template for you. 

Some key features available with the app are the map and booking features, social login, and the ability to track bookings.

User harik567 says:

“The design is really good and while the actual UX is going to need some work it’s very customizable and built on a solid code base. Definitely, a product to “grow” with if you are building a listing directory.”


BeoUI is a React Native app template for e-commerce. The template focuses on creating an attractive user interface that is easy to use. 

Its best features are the intro page with parallax effect, its choice of list or two-column views, the product slideshow, its selection of categories, and the profile page where shoppers can track their orders, receive notifications, or create a wish list.


If you’re looking for a template to help you create a messaging app that can be used for membership groups, Real Time Chat could be a good choice for you.

This React Native app template allows users to register with their name, email and a password, and lets them start chatting with other members in the group. As with the other templates included here, the Real Time Chat app template includes good documentation and video tutorials.


First impressions count. So polish up your app’s initial appearance with BeOnboard, a collection of 18 React Native app templates which are designed to be used with any app in order to explain the app’s functionality to new users. 

Easy to customise and use, the template aims to provide a great user interface and experience.


These app templates just scratch the surface of products available at CodeCanyon. So if none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you want to improve your skills building React Native applications, check out the ever so useful free tutorials we have on offer.

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