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Laravel is awesome! 10 reasons why I love Laravel – DEV

Mobile App | January 15, 2021

In the last six months I have tried several programming languages ​​and frameworks. I have done projects with Django, Laravel, Rails, Vue and React.

I loved all of this framework. They are all mature and all do the job. On the other hand, one of these frameworks seduced me a little more than the others … Laravel.

Here are the 10 reasons why I sincerely believe that Laravel is great!

PHP is awesome! Yes. Those who claim the opposite sorry to say but are ignorant. They ignore that PHP 3.0 has long been obsolete and that PHP 7 is now a complete OOP language, relatively fast, stable and very pleasant to work with.

The Laravel framework is precisely built in OOP with the latest PHP standards. Laravel’s syntax is easy, clear, and elegant.

With Laravel there is almost no boilerplate code to write. Compared to several other frameworks, Laravel comes with a full starter configuration. Starting a new project is easy and super fast.

There are a lot of third party Laravel packages. I also find that the packages are regularly updated and ready for production.

The creators of Laravel have created an eco-system of pro products that complements Laravel in a wonderful way. Sure these products have to be paid for but in return they are now ready for full scale production and can save you hundreds of hours of development.

With Laravel it is also possible to create fullstack applications, ie backend but also frontend. The code remains executed on the server but certain products like Livewire allow to develop interactive UI like React but in pure PHP, simple and easy and without a line of Javascript.

Laravel also supports the creation of UI components. It is therefore possible to integrate already pre-developed, turnkey widgets into your UI which can be installed in less than a minute and always in pure PHP and without javascript. (ex. chart, map. calendar, datatable, ect.)

Laravel is open source but it is developed by these creators as a pro product. That is to say that customer feedback is taken into account in decisions and that corrections and improvements are regularly released. Laravel can pride itself on being up to date with the latest technology.

Incredible documentations. Laravel has in my opinion the best documentation for a backend framework. All of them are simple, clear and detailed with examples. The search tools work very well so it is easy to find what you are looking for. In addition, it is carefully updated regularly.

The Laravel community is awesome! Everyone is welcome to join the family. There is no discrimination and no one to be a snob. No questions are considered stupid. People want to help the best they can.

That’s all 🙂

If it makes you want to learn more about Laravel and why not try it. You can start here:

I will be posting several articles in the coming weeks on Laravel. You can follow me if you don’t want to miss anything.

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