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.NET Core 2.0 By Example – Book Review

Mobile App | February 8, 2021

Packt Publishing recently released a new title named, “.NET Core 2.0 By Example” authored by Rishabh Verma and Neha Shrivastava. I received a free copy of this book from the author and agreed to read the book and write the review.

As the title says, and to be emphasize on “By Example“, this book turned out to be an excellent introductory book that cover almost every aspect of .NET Core. The approach of the book made it very easy to follow. Very well organized.

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It starts with setting up environments for both Windows and Linux and followed by introduction to native libraries in .NET Core. This will give you a very strong hands and confidence to proceed further. Then, you will move on to learning how to build the different set of application using .NET Core, which includes an end-to-end development of web-based Tic-Tac-Toe and followed by Web Chat Application. It’s not only about learning only the .NET Core, both the step by step solution would make you aware of several set of other technology stacks including SignalR and how they fits with .NET Core.

ASP.NET Core Pipeline
ASP.NET Core Pipeline – Reference Images Book “.NET Core 2.0 By Example”

Post application development, this book takes you through power of cloud and deploying your solution to Azure Services. Furthermore, you will experienced another step by step example of movie booking application by leveraging Entity Framework Core.

Entity Framework Core
Entity Framework Core – Reference Images Book “.NET Core 2.0 By Example”

Well, that’s not the end, it talk about .NET Core with Microservices and with a bonus chapter of Functional Programming with F# and .NET Core.

Book Chapters

  • Getting Started
  • Native Libraries in .NET Core
  • Building Our First .NET Core Game
  • Let’s Chat Web Application
  • Developing the Let’s Chat Web Application
  • Testing and Deploying
  • To the Cloud
  • Movie Booking Web App
  • Microservices with .NET Core
  • Functional Programming with F#

My Thoughts

I personally liked the way the content has been delivered in this book, considering the fact of needs in the modern development and paradigm shift on development stack., managing all the cloud aspect of .NET Core solution, Using Microservices with .NET core, collecting real-time telemetry using Application Insights is something that every developer should know. Also covering the future aspect and upcoming releases of the .NET Core in this book is something that I liked. The book did very good justice with the given title.

Overall, if you are a beginner, planning to start to learn .NET Core or want to learn around all .NET Core with Azure, I would recommend this book for you. Authors did a fantastic work by putting the things in a very nice way. Of course, it will be a very good addition to your book library.

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Disclosure Note: The book was provided to me free by the Author to read and review. The review is purely my personal. Neither the publisher nor the author had seen it before I published it, nor prompted me or influence me in any way.

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