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The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development – DZone Web Dev

Mobile App | February 12, 2021

Do you know how to code?

Have you been thinking about learning to code for various mobile apps development?

The first thing which comes to our mind is the programming language we need to learn. We all are addicted to mobile applications so much that our life is incomplete without these applications. When you give it a thought, how many times do you check an app in a day? Numerous times, isn’t it? It would not be wrong to say that the demand for mobile applications has been on a growth graph ever since smartphones have taken over the industry and even our lives. 

The future of mobile application development is very bright. Therefore, there are no doubts regarding the future of mobile app development or programming languages. The businesses are directly inclined towards mobile app development. If your business isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to update it. For making any successful application, you need to choose the right technology and the right programming language as well.  

The most interesting fact to know is that there are more than 600 different languages and each language has its merit and demerits. The demand for these professionals is growing and evolving. 

Whether you are trying to learn any programming language or trying to refresh your skills or grow in your career, you need to be an expert in it. There are loads of factors to be considered to make such a choice, but one of the most important features is the demand or the need for the programming language. 

There are three types of mobile applications:

Native apps: it is a type of coding that is supported natively by the device operating system. 

Hybrid apps: the apps are coded in one particular language that can easily run on multiple platforms.

Progressive web application: it is a lightweight app, it runs in the URL of a device’s web browser. 

We will be discussing the top programming languages you need to learn based on the demand and popularity:

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented and functional programming. It is not generally used for specifically app development, it is run by browsers and used in the development of web pages and controlling them. JavaScript has proved to be a very promising language and is on the hit list shortly. JavaScript is one of the best cross-platform app development. 

It is a versatile and flexible language. It is comparatively faster on client-side browsing and doesn’t need to be compiled. It is easy to control and there are no set standards so there is plenty of room for variation. 

2. C++

C++ is a general-purpose object-oriented language. It has a low-level memory manipulation feature. It inherits its syntax from C. C++ is more comprehensive as compared to C. C++has extended its arms from financial sectors to the business and manufacturing sectors. C++ has been doing quite well in mobile app development. This language is good for developing Android, Windows, iOS. 

It is fast and stable and has a lot of ready-to-use in-built libraries. No garbage collector is running in the background. You have full control of the application and the app can run on any platform.

3. C#

C# is also known as C sharp, is used for Microsoft. It is a multi-paradigm programming language that is object-oriented. Although the Windows platform has not left a lasting or impressive mark on mobile application development., C#  has always proved to be the perfect language for the creation of windows phone apps. It has great potential and can be applied in the creation of server applications, web services. C# is one of the greatest languages for the development of games.

It is easy to use and quick to deploy. It is a generic, functional, imperative, component-oriented, and object-oriented language. It is a simple, modern, and general-purpose language. It is one of the most preferred programming languages. 

4. Python

It is a high-level programming language, it has found its usage in web development, application development, creation of GUI’s, analyzing data, computing scientific data, and for the development of the software. It is the most famous and known language in schools and colleges. It is one of the most beautiful and explicit sometimes complex languages. 

It is fast, easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, easy-to-learn, and has excellent readability. It is used for software development in analyzing and computing scientific and numeric data. It supports multiple systems and platforms. The programming is flexible since it has a huge set of frameworks. 

5. PHP

It is one of the most recommended programming languages for mobile apps, it needs database access. It is an open-source language. It is an open-source language that is used for various types of scripting like server-side scripting, command-line scripting, and coding applications. It is used widely in the creation of eCommerce applications, mobile apps, and content-heavy apps. This language is very flexible and can be easily embedded into HTML or HTML5. 

It is easy to learn, platform-independent, and excellent with content-heavy apps. It loads quickly even with a slow internet connection. It has in-built security which helps in protection from security threats. It is one of the best languages for the learners which can help them learn complex program development quickly. 

6. JAVA 

Java is used for Android development. It has an in-built open-source library that is readily available for users to choose from. It is easy to handle and it offers a wide range of best documentation and community support. It is popular for reusability and portability of code. It can even run on multiple environments, virtual machines, and different platforms. It is a flexible, versatile, portable, and platform-independent programming language. It has an explicit interface and machine-independent language.   

7. Swift 

It is considered the programming language of the future. It has made its way into the Apple ecosystem. The language was launched for iOS, supporting systems, and Linux. It is one of the primary languages which is used in the development of iOS and OS X. it has even replaced Objective- c. Few examples of apps developed in Swift are Lyft, Linked In, Hipmunk, etc. 

It requires less maintenance and avoids some of the bugs of Objective C. The projects are easier to scale. It is an easy-to-learn programming language. It is powerful and intuitive. It is easy to write and fun. It has multiple features and a safe design.  

To Sum Up 

There is an evolution in the era of programming languages. There are some ever-green languages like JAVA, JavaScript which are and will be at the top of the list. Whereas many other languages have come into existence at a very good pace. 

You can consider various points mentioned above to make an efficient decision and to decide which language to choose from. Once you choose the perfect mobile programming language, it will help you develop various agile mobile apps. You should choose your app efficiently and give your business and your goals, the much-required mobile application. You should ask yourself related questions and select the application accordingly. The main purpose is to be market-ready with the best application.

So, which programming language will you choose for mobile application development? 

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