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Mobile App Development Client Questionnaire – Mobisoft Infotech

Mobile App | May 27, 2021

When your business or startup needs a mobile app development partner to successfully execute a project for you, getting your requirements clear is a very important first step. A major reason for failed or poorly executed app projects is neglect for a well-planned requirement gathering process, commonly known as the discovery phase. A poorly conducted or overlooked discovery phase can result in project deliverables not meeting a client’s expectations, wasting valuable time and money.

A mobile app development client questionnaire is a great starting point for requirement gathering and laying a solid foundation to build amazing software products that live up to a client’s expectations. First of all, it helps in simplifying the entire app development process. It will help the app development firms to be more knowledgeable and professional about their work from the initial stage of a new client relationship. It proves that they have a procedure to follow for their services.

Below you will find a series of questions broken down into logical categories than a professional app development company may ask you to understand your specific app development needs and provide an accurate cost and timeline estimate. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to explain you the most significant questions you need to be able to answer.

With a design-driven development process, your app development partner can provide a development team with a clear insight of your requirements, keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Because a quality UI/UX design requires an expertise in mobile design, hence, you must look for agencies with a considerable mobile design experience. In addition, you must be ready to answer the below questions for quality design related outcomes.

If you want us to design your app

Target Platforms And Development Approaches

You can choose to go native for both the platforms (iOS & Android) for a superior user experience. In case the limited budget is prohibiting you from building the same, you can choose to use a cross-platform app development approach.


Development Approach

Each application is different and the techniques are always advancing, but this is kind of a standard process while developing mobile applications. A mobile application development process mainly includes Scoping, Project Kick-off, Development, and Deployment.

Language Support

A good app development firm will provide an option to build mobile apps with multi-language support enabling localization and internationalization. Multi-language support can be enabled on all the key application platforms like iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. You can choose from various languages you want to be in your app. Some of the languages we use while developing a mobile app are:

App Orientation Support Options

Every week thousands of mobile applications hit the market. Simultaneously, thousands of hackers work hard to use these applications to implant malware. Application developers need to be alert about the security to protect users. If you are planning to build a mobile application, then security must be your prime concern. Here is a list of some features and queries related to mobile app security that will help you to choose some for your mobile application.         

Third Party Integrations

You may also need some additional third-party integrations for your app. You can make a personalized choice from the below list or ask the company to add more.

Server And Deployment

Intellectual Property

Cost & Timeline

Although the cost of an app development project would depend on our answer to the above questions, having a rough budget before approaching an app development company can help them better cater accordingly tailor the questions and the available options.


The requirement gathering or discovery phase is integral to an app development project especially when there is no proper reference or detailed documentation available from the client’s side. Overlooking this phase can result in subpar results, multiple iteration requests, increased development time and rising costs. Starting with an app development client questionnaire like the one above can help avoid such situations.

We at Mobisoft have a comprehensive discovery phase as part of the entire app development process to help all our client’s get the maximum ROI in their planned budget and timeline. Check out our interactive project planner tool specifically built for prospects to estimate the deliverables and costs for their product development needs.

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Nitin Lahoti is the Co-Founder and Director at Mobisoft Infotech. He has 12+ years of experience in Design, Business Development and Startups. His expertise is in Product Ideation, UX/UI design, Startup consulting and mentoring. He prefers business readings and loves traveling. Follow him @nitinlahoti

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