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11 Best Checklist for A Successful Mobile App Development – DEV Community

Mobile App | July 10, 2021

Did you know!

The worldwide revenues from the mobile apps are expected to cross a whopping 693 billion USD in 2021 as per Stats.

Growing dependence upon mobile app technology has led to massive downloads crossing the 28.3 billion mark for Google Play store alone, as per Statista.

Social media apps are the highest used mobile apps.

To leverage this outstanding growth in the field of mobile apps, multiple hefty billion enterprises, S.M.E.s, entrepreneurs, etc., are investing in this technology. However, it is scary to invest in something you aren’t an expert in.

As far as mobile apps are concerned, there’s tons and tons of crucial decisions that involve passionate thinking and valuable time. It is not enough to just have an idea and to complete the project. Multiple aspects have to be taken care of.

To make this daunting task more comfortable for you, we have accomplished an absolute checklist based on years of experience in mobile app technology and intense research for an app development project.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s read this eye-opening checklist that will help you helm the success to your mobile app idea.

1. Visualize the app you want to offer the end-users

The chances are little that you are thinking of something unconventional or unexplored. Mainly because there’s hardly a category which the mobile app technology hasn’t touched yet. Don’t believe us! Have a look:

Well, that was just some bizarre apps to think of. So, the chances are high that there are apps available, similar to what you are aiming to develop. You can use them to understand what’s already there and what extra you can offer to ensure your app is exciting and engaging with the users.

For an app idea that’s already much explored, it’s the new features mainly that attracts users toward using it. However, if the concept is truly unique, you will have to think through the final outlook, feasible features, and consult the app development firms for its compatibility with the technology.

2. Focus over the target audience/end users of the app

A mobile app fails when it does not appear appealing to the final users. Several critical parameters are taken care of based on the target audience. For example, an app meant to serve senior citizens should prefer soothing colors with comparatively neat and clear fonts as far, or nearsightedness is common among them.

While a gaming app for kids prefers sticking to vibrant colors, similarly, other aspects that are designed and developed with a focus over the target audience, here’s what you should be asking yourself or be well aware of.

Having clear answers to the above queries will ensure integration of excellent features over the app.

3. Create a list of essential features and functionalities

Once done with the first two, you must sketch out the following:

Once you have jotted down the answers to the above questions, you can proceed with the next on the checklist.

4. Develop the marketing strategy

Marketing is an essential aspect of app development, and you must effectively plan for it. There are several ways in which you can carve out a successful marketing strategy. We have mentioned a few for you.

If your digital software offers in-app purchase, then take a note that iOS users are more generous in making an in-app purchase.

For reaching out to both the iOS and Android users, you can opt for the cross-platform services. Successful apps like Instagram and Uber got built using cross-platform technology. You can also go for to build grand apps like them.

If it’s feasible and makes sense, you can integrate social media platforms over the app to enhance user’s engagement.

Try creating awareness and buzz over the social media platforms, both pre and post-launch of the app to make sure it effectively reaches the target audience.

You can opt for an open-source blogging site to educate the users about your app in innovative ways. Via search engine optimization, you can drive maximum traffic which will indirectly affect your app downloads.

Well, the whole blog can be done on this topic alone, and so the rest of the tips we will be covering in between points.

5. Don’t you forget budget plays a significant role

Well, unless you are a developer yourself, you will require compelling services from some remarkable firms. Creating a budget for the app may not be your area of expertise. So, here’s a guide for you:

6. Conduct maverick research about the firm you are hiring

It’s not smart to blind trust the firm you have hired for the job. Perform maverick research and find the answers to the following questions so that you are double sure about the firm.

Also ask for individual certifications of designers, developers, team leader, etc. that will be working over your mobile application.

7. Consult the technology stack for the app

Any app development project involves multiple software, tools, etc., which constitutes the technology stack for the app. You can choose a technology stack based on project needs and compatibility. To ensure the correct choice, we have listed some top technology stacks here for you.

MEAN: Consisting of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, MEAN is an excellent choice for modern and hybrid apps. It also facilitates developers as both the front end as well as the back end of the app is developed using JavaScript.

LAMP: The LAMP stack consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP and offers a matured community of developers. LAMP is considered a reliable option for any large scale apps.

Ruby on Rails stack: When looking for immediate project completion or trying to build an app that requires periodic updates, you should trust the Ruby on rails stack.

Serverless stack: Multiple enterprises rely on the Serverless Stack to deal with irregular traffic throughout the day.

The ultimate choice of the stack gets influenced by the project features, cost- compatibility, etc. Some other technology stacks that are worth mentioning here are LAMP with MongoDB, M.E.V.N., etc.

8. Catchy names and icons that build brand values

Try to opt for a short and witty name for the app that resonates with the critical functions of it. You can also go for a big name, but the constraints for android stands at 30 characters and that for iOS is at 50 characters.

Keep in mind that it’s simple for users to remember a name that relates to its functions. For example, you don’t want an attendance recording app to sound like a brand for healthcare and vice versa.

While as far as an icon is considered, it must look appealing, catchy, and if possible, should go with the features when possible. For example, big social media brands like Instagram use a camera in its logo, WhatsApp messenger uses a chat icon with a cellphone in it.

9. Set your deadlines for launching the app

The development team working over the project must give feasible deadlines to ensure better planning of the marketing strategies for the app launch. Don’t forget to stay updated with the technical team about the progress of the project.

10. Decide how you can make money from it

Well if you are planning an app for official/personal purpose or anything else that doesn’t involve making money out of it you can skip to the next point. However, if you are looking for gains than traditional approach includes the following:

In-app purchase and advertising are more common, while the paid app constitutes a minimal share of the app market. Look at the statistical graph below to understand the usual scenario of making money from apps.

Source: Statista

11. Post-launch maintenance

Once the app gets launched, it may suffer from unexpected glitches which failed to occur during the testing phase. Based on the user’s response, you can update your app to enhance its UX.
Usually, the development team is responsible for resolving any undetected glitches, and so you can connect with them for the same.

Final Words

It is essential for you to cautiously check each of the points mentioned above so that your mobile app development project runs smoothly. Among the discussed topics, each of them has a fair share of significance and shouldn’t get neglected to bear fruitful results.

To ensure rapid development at an affordable budget, you can trust the services from as the nation has become a hotspot for I.T. development at a low cost.

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