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Why Mobile App Development Need To Gear Up? – 360 Degree Technosoft

Mobile App | July 14, 2021
June 24, 2017

Well, app development was never a lethargic process, and now with the advent of RMAD tools and low or no code app development, the process is like a house on fire. There would be wild thought running around your mind that with already 2.2 million mobile apps existent in the Apple store and 2.8 million apps in the Google play store why is there wave of the rush for Android and iPhone app development? The answer lies in the revenue hidden in this market. Let’s introduce you to the figures of app revenue that are driving more and more developers to gear up app development process.

Back in the year 2015, the total revenue of this app development was 69.7 billion US dollars. Now, the projected app revenue for the year 2020 is expected to be 188.9 billion US dollars. The hype in revenue is due to in-app advertising and app stores. This is what driving the developers to develop apps even when there is a massive amount of competition. An individual spends on an average 5 hours, a massive time period of 5 hours, you see. If you are a business owner, you can have access to these 5 hours of users time and engage customers through it. Out of this 5 hours, half of the time is engaged in social media, messaging and entertainment apps. What you are left with is the rest half to attack.

Several startups and iPhone and android app development companies do recognize this emerging trend and try to cope with the same but they take an extremely outstretched time to come up with the initial version of the app and same thing implies with the updates also. This is a massive pitfall. App launch should be on the go to be an opportunist and capture the market troll. The update should also be prompt, users give feedback hoping you will acknowledge it and work on it. For the survival of any app, this is kind of mandatory. If feedback is not considered, users will leave the app very soon. Developers are trained in a way to deploy multiple updates that too speedily. If they lag behind, users will flock on to other apps.

Waterfall-style Development

The major reason why app development is a time-consuming process is that majority of the developers are stuck with old school technique. The old school technique has a set a specific sequence to be followed which creates hurdle in the agility of the app development. In the modern project development, it’s definitely a speed breaker. While following this structure, developers can’t just turn back to the previous step without starting all over again.

Focus on End User

Despite the fact, whether you are making consumer app or the enterprise app, the focus should be paid to the end user. Every user has the sole focus on the how the app works. There is a direct connection of this with how apps of competitors work. For making the best user experience available to the end users, the best idea is to incorporate different people in the team.

More people means more knowledge and more experience which helps to give diversified views on how to give best user experience. Better the user experience, quicker will be the testing process. Many of the times, the idea that seems like a good one end up with plenty of bugs while testing. Now fixing this will also take a considerate amount of time and slow your app development process. More people will result in, ease of using more tools removing roadblocks in the field of app designing and building procedure eradicating time constraints in the app development procedure.

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