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Car Wash Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Mobile App | October 6, 2021

Mobile phones have transformed the daily lives of humans. The majority of the changes came for a middle-class life, which positively raises the standards and luxury. Today you can consume any service with just a few taps on a mobile screen. Smartphones have eliminated the need of waiting in the queue as they made all the services available at the doorstep.  Almost every service has any sort of mobile app and all you need is to download the app with providing little information. 

Carwash has also been one of the laziest and tedious tasks ever. But now, people can avoid long waiting lines as the service is available through the app. Customers can book an appointment and the dealer service center staff will help you out with the rest. It helps you to get car wash services, whenever you want.

The car wash app is the most manageable app for maintaining your vehicle. All things are possible with the help of an app. The ease of accessing service is helpful for the people and makes their life beautiful at the same time. You can also invest the remaining time in some creative work.

From the business owner’s perspective, be it a car wash iOS app development Solution or Android app development Solution, this app is an amazing revenue model. Any service which eases out life and makes the lives less complex is a good source of revenue. The car wash app sets you free to maintain your vehicle without limiting your time by self-involvement in the progress.

On-demand car wash app development gives a strong silent breach into the market, where you can offer other services as well. Here we will explore the car wash app cost and its amazing features, along with its technology stack. 

Market Size and Statistics

The Car wash industry may seem superfluous, but in fact, this industry has increased to a good level. Car service apps are one of the simplest kinds of app, with some amazing features such as appointment booking, car washing, video calling, real-time tracking, and many other features.  The Car Wash industry comes under the luxury services, which have raised the highest revenues over the last 10 years. The industry has made 800 million dollars in 2017, where figures are rising continuously over the last four years. Business owners are minting money with the car wash app and the app is proving to be one of the best business models. 

With every passing year, car wash apps are getting an increase in profits. The facts are clearer while looking at industry stats and market trends.

According to data, around 60% of owners of the car utilize the car wash app frequently. On average, car wash apps like “Washe” make around 3.3 million dollars in a year. The car wash app industry has also given business and employment to many people and is rising at the cost of 25% per year.

The impulsive rise of industry has given the satiation to the need for comfort. The car wash app service in the USA has risen from $6237 million in 2008 to $9015 million in 2019. The industry has crossed $9186 in the year 2020. 

Why Having Car Wash App is A Good Investment?

The car wash app is one of the most demand-generating apps of the time. It seems like, people have been waiting for the app to come, where they can order the car wash services and get free from timely dealer’s center visits. The feasibility of the app and the detailed service through the app has increased the trend to look forward to the future with such apps. The report says that around 60% of the population prefers to visit an online car wash booking system. 

The increase in app usages has opened a world of opportunities for investors and new startups for capitalizing. The on-demand trends are not going to end soon and people have become habitual of car washing services making such apps the right investment. Let’s take a look at some supporting facts and figures:

Mobile dependency facts supporting car wash software development:

On-demand app development services are high in demand for managing everything. You can reach out to e-shops, book air tickets, and avail of the medical service right at your home. If you are in the automobile industry and have seen the car wash app industry tempting, it can be an amazing attempt to generate revenue.

For developing online car wash application services, it is a primary need to decide, which kind of app you need, how much the car wash app costs, and what are the essential features?

Types of Car Wash Mobile Apps

Below we have described two types of car wash apps, you can select one between them for the app development. Choose one of them as per the requirements of your business and targeted users.

1. Dedicated Apps

For the service center owners, dedicated car apps are the best option to go for. You can get an app similar toWype, Spiffy, and Washos, developed by a trustworthy mobile app development company. Car wash app development is not something new, and there are many large players in the market, who also guarantee the assured trend in the market. Almost every industry is coming up with some sort of solution because of several benefits:

User engagement is greatly enhanced over time as there are various categories to go for. An app owner only needs to set up and upload all the service details on the custom app and then, he can reach out to many clients in a single attempt. For every industry, a dedicated app is pretty common. If you are looking for an on-demand dedicated car app, you must hire mobile app developers from a well-known company.

2. Aggregator Apps

Business owners who wish to venture into the product and earn some revenue, are interested in such apps. Acar washes Android app development project could offer a good platform for distributed local car wash services. The car wash service provider uploads the rate of car wash and lets them be chosen by the users. The car wash app development company demands one-time cost and then, the market is open for dealers.

The standalone dealers are available on the platform, and the demands go high as the users increase for online car wash services. Customers can choose from the list of surviving providers. In the majority of industries, it is pretty common to find an aggregator app. For a car service appointment app like Washos, it is good to hire android app developers or an iOS app developer.

Benefits of Car Wash App for Businesses

Car wash apps are the product of people finding ease in their car maintenance. The industry has got many Car wash Android app development projects running today, and the majority of projects work over common features, whereas very few of them succeed because of integrating some demanding features.

Here are some benefits that are associated with the car wash app: 

Easy Appointments

Customers can quickly search for the car wash service and quickly book an appointment. 

Real-time Tracking

Most often, we are fearful of where our vehicle is. When you have opted for car pick up and drop with the car washing service, there is a sense of security with it. The real-time tracking feature of the app lets you track, where the car is. or if the car is safe? And, things happen with the knowledge of the owner. 

Simple Scheduling

With the on-demand service app, the scheduling of the car wash is easy. Users can schedule the car wash on off days, or whenever they need to not go out. Simple scheduling saves from the long waiting queues. 

You as a dealer can upload different kinds of services, where users can make any single choice among all available options. You can display services and attract users at a cheaper rate than local ones.  Multiple packages help customers in making a choice.

Online Payment Method

You don’t need to carry cash as a customer. This app supports almost all big third-party payment methods. The custom mobile app development includes the integration of special payment tools such as Skrill, PayPal, Visa card, and others.  

Rating and Reviews

How does an app get like? How an app performs better while another one does not do well? All is possible with genuine customers praising your services. For the aggregator app, the app expansions are dependent on the content and the activity of dealers. Customers can send reviews and help other customers in knowing how the services of any particular dealer are?

Instant Access

The on-demand app must work both online and offline. The app provides a seamless experience for users while being online. When the connectivity is low, the user can check the previous transactions and view the booking history. When the user is online, he/she can make any changes, update personal details and make a new booking. 

Bespoke Content

The app contains quite interesting features befitting your needs. An app can be more useful if the content catered to users is appropriate as per the location, time, venue, and health.

Quicker Response

This is a win-win situation for both parties. The dealer gets an amazing level of user responses and the consumer gets faster services.  An app must run on a mobile device or a desktop, and it must be compatible with all devices. The quick response of mobile apps makes the business 5 times more profitable. 

App Uses the Native Feature

Apps are not just incorporated with core features. They can also entertain with some advanced features available on the native mobile phone. Payment can be made using QR codes and barcodes. For making smooth navigation, other features can also be used for car wash app development. 

CRM is the best tool for large, small, and medium-scale businesses. These systems help in streamlining the information and customer data. It also provides reliable analytics, interactive dashboard, and marketing tools for long-term scaling. 

Content Management System is a powerful tool for managing the content on any app, where there are separate windows for admin, user, and dealers. They can add, remove or edit the content. 

How Does The Car Wash App Work?

Have you ever thought about why an online car wash booking system like Spiffy is expanding? And how the mobile app of spiffy is liked at the skyrocketing rate? The hassle-free and smooth access to the app, clear segregation of services, and high customer satisfaction are the major factors behind the popularity of any app. Customers prefer to book the car wash service through the app rather than the older ways.

Let’s understand how the app works:

Step 1: Install the on-demand car app. Register through valid credentials and log in to the app.

Step 2: Choose one from the list of services and schedule the car wash service slot according to availability.

Step 3: The appointed executive or detailer comes to your given location. Detailer takes 30-40 minutes to clean your car and leave the place clean.

Step 4: You can pay through the app, where you can get discount coupons and coupon codes. 

This is how the app works most simply, there is no intricacy involved in the process and an app like Spiffy gives users a sense of instant service availability. 

Features of Car Wash App

There are more than 60,000 retail car wash dealers in the USA and around 72% of the users are accessing these dealers. The figure themselves says that the car wash service has a huge market to go for. When the market is that large for mobile app development companies, it is always better to check the latest features and give the best functionalities. 

When you hire an app developer for building a car wash app like WashOS, here is a list of some crucial features you must not ignore:

User Panel

The list of features may sound like any ordinary on-demand app, but usually, on-demand apps offer some convenient, acknowledged interface to customers. Therefore, features look similar.

User Signup or Login

This is a general feature of any app. Every app tries to keep a record of users and a little information helps in future marketing efforts. Users can log in through valid credentials and social media profiles. 

Book a Detailer

The user gets the list of all available detailers in his locality or given area. Users can contact the car washer and nearest service provider. 

Custom Pricing

For users demanding long-term services, the cost may differ. Detailers may provide some custom pricing model or special monthly package. There are some special monthly, quarterly, bi-annual packages, where a one-time payment is demanded.

Multiple Cars Washing Service

You can book the service for multiple car washes at your preferred location. 

Other Services

Car wash software development is not just limited to a particular service. You can choose several services such as engine check, painting, or car washing. 

The user can choose from the list of payment methods and proceed with the payments. 

Push Notification

Users stay connected to the latest features and discounts, offerings through push notifications. 

Users can add ratings to the service and give reviews for the service, where they need improvement.  

Detailer Panel

Similar to the customer panel, car wash applications also provide amazing features for the detailer panel as well. Have a look below-

Sign-up or log in

Similar to the user panel, detailers can register the app and log in with credentials.

Service Location

Car washers can offer the service at their desired location. Every detailer needs to know the location for providing service.  

Accept or Reject the Request

The user requests the service and it’s up to detailers to accept or reject the request. 

Service Status

Detailer may set the status of service for keeping the user updated with the status.

Payment Request

Upon completion of service, the detailer or car washer may request the payment. Detailer needs to calculate the final amount and raise an invoice. 

Admin Panel

The below-mentioned features must be integrated into the admin panel so that everything can be managed by the admin dashboard.

User Profile Management

For the aggregator app, you need to have multiple orders at the same time. And for handling several service requests at a time, the app needs to have many technicians on the platform. Admin can manage the user profile according to experience, skill, and expertise. 

Time Zone Management

For a large number of services in car cleaning service app development, it is important to provide service at a specific time zone. 

Registration Management

With the detailers panel, the app needs to give a proper record of all the services availed by users. Admin needs to manage the number of users per washing center at any point in time and the technician availability. 

Admin manages the payment methods and transfers the amount to the car washer. 

Review Management

A satisfied user leaves a high rating, whereas a miffed user can give negative feedback, both are valuable for business. 

Advance Features

Car wash app incorporated with these following advanced features provides a competitive advantage to the businesses and enables them to stand out in the market.

Heat Map View

It is one of the most exceptional features, important to make a promotional strategy.  It shows the area where the highest numbers of requests are there. 

CRM Integration

A car washer can streamline the services and get real-time analytics for the services. 

Loyalty Program

The loyalty feature allows expanding the user base using the loyalty points for the users. 

Chat and In-App Calling

Users can get in touch with the detailers using the call or chat feature. 

Monetization Model for Car Wash App

Mobile Car wash app development solution is a big plan to go for. There are several features, which are integrated into the app. You can have the best mobile app development services and get the best app running, but still, it needs a proper monetization strategy. The aim of launching any app is to earn a profit, here is how you can earn profit through on-demand car wash app services.

There are many sources, which can provide potential ways for monetization of mobile car wash app development services.

It is one of the most traditional ways of earning through the app. The app can be used for promoting the services offered by different car washing service providers. You can create sponsored list of detailers and show them in prime.

You can generate earnings through advertising space for some brands in the car cleaning service app development. Significant revenue can be generated using advertisements. If your app has higher clicks and visits, then the app can be a significant revenue generator for you. It is good to allocate a limited space for the app advertisement. Too many advertisements on the page can annoy users and give a higher bounce rate. 

Product merchandising

Merchandising the product is a good way to make a profit. You can give the option to users for purchasing the product such as car cleaning gloves, shampoo, exterior paint, and others. Online selling can generate income and market the brand. 

Required Team Structure & Technology Stack

For a scalable and functional online car wash booking system, it is important to get the right mobile app development services. A reliable app development company delivers the app with the latest technology stack, expert car wash app designers, backend programmers, and IT solutions architects.

Here is a basic structure of a team you will require for car cleaning service app development:

Have a look at the technology stack required to develop the car wash mobile app below:

SMS or Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
Data management: Datastax
Payment: PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe
Email: MailChimp
OS: Debian, Ubuntu
Database: Postgre, MongoDB, Cassandra
Cloud: AWS, Google
Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Big data, IBM, Apache Flink
Map Navigation: Google Maps

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Car Wash App?

It is always a herculean task to exactly estimate the car wash app cost. Summing up the final cost for app development by a reputed mobile app development company may comprise many factors, that are responsible to vary the general cost. The below-mentioned hourly cost of app developers from different regions is also one of the major reasons accountable for cost variation.  

The hourly cost of app developers based on different Geolocation:

Along with it, app type, app complexities, app platform, features & functionalities, technology stack, and various others are the reason why app development cost differs. Depending on all these factors, we can estimate that the car wash app development cost would be around $20,000 to $50,000. According to market research, this estimated cost is the nearest to the exact cost for the app development.

If you are thinking to invest in a car wash app development, then the above stats, figures, facts, and details of the on-demand car wash app development give significant knowledge about it. With the combination of the right technology and preplanned strategy, you can start with a scalable app and thrive in the market.

The mobile car wash app development industry is rising at the right place, and there are many similar solutions already in the market. It is important to offer something new and powerful using the latest tech stack. There is a lot to know before you hire an Android or iOS app developer, therefore it is recommended to consult with a reliable IT solution provider. The industry is at its peak, and this is the best time to move into.

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