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Angular Is The Future Of Web And Mobile App Development – TopDevelopers

Mobile App | November 23, 2021

Angular is one of the most loved technologies by developers. From time to time, developers have found themselves in the tiresome situation of creating the same program or application for web and mobile platforms (native), while keeping the project files separately for each of them. It is tiresome to code the same thing twice, and it’s no wonder developers for years have wanted a technology that can allow them to share the resources between different projects in one place and also keep the codes separate for each platform. Hence Angular was born.

Why Do Developers Love Angular Framework?

When we talk about technologies, Angular has its own fanbase. Developers love it. It is a google-backed open-source JavaScript frontend framework that allows modern dynamic web application development. It was introduced in 2009, has since then become one of the most preferred platforms.

The major reason for mass adaptation of this technology is its ability to eliminate the need for writing unnecessary code. It reduces development time, ensures code quality, and also allows faster and lighter development of applications.

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What is Angular Framework Best at Creating?

The features of any technology decide its future and also the industry. The same goes for the Angular framework, the use of this technology, however, is widely found, but in some industries that it dominates is:

1.Weather Applications

Weather applications are high-performing applications that use an intuitive interface. It is very important that the application is easy to use and provides a great experience to the users. The angular framework can be used to develop weather applications because they have a number of inbuild animations and allows the development of high-performing applications. This covers the two major requirements of the application type.

2.User Review Applications

Product and service reviews have gained immense popularity in our modern world. It is a common trend to drop a review on the products and services they have used, and also that of reading it before taking one.

This desirability has led to people going forward and creating applications just for reviews. And the angular framework is the first choice of the best web application development companies. It allows easy development of user review capabilities. It allows developers to build a high-performing application that allows reading and writing of reviews.

3.Ecommerce and mCommerce

Ecommerce is not a new phenomenon anymore. Covid 19 has just speeded up the adaptation rate, and we are about to see a major digital transformation in every industry we can think of. When it comes to ecommerce, some of the things are very necessary. It should be user-friendly, high-performing, secure, and also should have multiple features that make operations easy for the company.

The angular framework is shaping the ecommerce industry all for good. Some of the have used the technology to build sites for Forbes, LiveJournal, Diply, and Intel. The technology today is powering more than 12000 websites that are included among the top 1 million sites in the world.

4.Travel Apps

Travel industry requires dynamic features and a versatile framework for creating user-friendly, high-performing and feature-rich applications. Website such as JetBlue is using Angular to provide a power-packed experience on their website. Angular fits the bill the best.

5.Video Streaming Apps

The angular framework is the best technology to build a video streaming application. The technology can easily handle heavy video streaming needs. Applications such as YouTube and Netflix are powered by Angular, and the wonderful experience these sites exhibit is unbeatable.

6.User-Generated Content Portal

The user-generated content portal has to handle a lot of content generated over the platform over time. If the technology is not efficient, the platform would just become a show and handling traffic of millions of users become challenging. User-generated content portals use different features to keep their user engaged. Angular framework in every manner is a perfect solution for these problems.

What Makes Angular Framework so Amazing?

As we were saying Angular is backed by Google and they are all about achieving simplicity and restructuring of the JavaScript code. The angular framework allows developers to work on different platforms simultaneously and surprisingly has kept itself light on resources and faster in speed. The back-to-back success of Angular projects and regular updates are released, adding more attractive features to the framework.

Two of the best technology frameworks React and Angular when compared to performance factor showed that Angular still has a lead on it with 59% market share. But what makes Angular framework the best. What are the different factors that are loved by the around the world?

1.User Experience

Angular 7 is the latest version of Angular framework, and there is no doubt that the numerous components of the material design are optimized and developed to make the user experience more seamless with Angular.
Angular 7 bestows a lot of faster experience for the developers. It is reliable and has the capacity to deliver the users an experience live you have never seen before on the desktop and mobile web browsers. The components are so entirely compatible with the server-side rendering.

Talking specifically of the material design, the angular framework has made the experience more rewarding for the UI & UX developers. It is now more aesthetically pleasing.

2.Simple and Declarative User Interface

The application user interface is defined by the use of HTML. The language is intuitive, simple and declarative. It is much easier to code in HTML than JavaScript as it is more comprehensive and organizable.
The benefit here is that several developers not only get to work on the same project but also can collaborate efficiently by avoiding any major mistake in the developer’s user interfaces.

3.Performance and Speed

With the angular framework, you get faster loading. The angular framework has done a great job on the server-side rendering, web workers and code-splitting, which gives it the speed. For example, the web workers in Angular made it possible for users to have the offline capacity to receive and service using a cache, while the code splitter used Component Router that allows code splitting.

It helps developers to load only the code that is needed to render the requested view. Furthermore, the bounce rates and app abandonment rate are very less in the applications built on Angular. It focuses more on enhancing the app responsiveness. It enhances the user experience to a great extent. More time spent on the app, the better is your app ranking on the app stores, who would not want that kind of advantage.

4.SEO Friendliness of the Framework

SEO is one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing, and people have always struggled with it. Apparently, the application quality and the technology used in the development of the application has a great role in defining your SEO ranking. You must be aware of how WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly technology. But so is Angular now.

Backed by Google, it is no wonder that the team Google has paid great attention to the SEO challenges faced by the companies. With a server-side rending, which is knowns as Angular Universal, Angular is providing a great advantage in SEO.

The very first view of your application is served in plain CSS and HTML, all made possible by the Angular framework. If your application is using Angular, the search engine will render and crawl the content, enabling all the social media platforms to show an image preview of the application efficiently.

5.Faster development

We started this blog with a problem. And how angular is slowing. Angular has made coding faster and also reduced the problems that are faced by the developers. Angular is one framework that has made it possible to write less code, reuse code time again and again, and this has made the life of developers so much easier.
Moreover, the coders have had a perfect opportunity to test the code while writing in the parallel setup, allowing them to use and reuse the other developer codes with facing the challenges in the integration process.

The angular framework has made development faster, and also reduced the time needed in preparing an app and loading it on the app stores. You can simply make additions of the attributes to the HTML code, and you will have an app. Reduced time, reduced cost and more perfection, it is a developer’s dream come true.

6.App Maintenance

App maintenance is relatively easy on Angular than any other frontend framework. The framework has adopted the object-oriented design into application development. It uses the model as the source approach, and thus rendering the application makes it very easy to maintain.

7.Optimized Security for Responsive Web Applications

Security is voted as a top trend consecutively, year by year since 2019. 2021 is no different. You have to make your applications secure, and the old applications have to be replaced with the new ones sooner than later.
Angular uses HTTPS interface; it can be either in the form of single web service of RESTful API; this improves the communication with the server extensively. Also, the server that can allow the $http Angular protection module is now safeguarded against scripting attacks across the sites—additional benefits in the adoption of the strict expression evaluation for minimizing the client-side security concerns.

8.Leverages Existing Data

Additionally, choosing the Angular framework for application development allows you to use the already existing data management system. When using the RESTful API, angular applications will allow users to gain access to the underlying database.

It makes swapping easier of the already existing frontend code while maintaining the internal APIs in the appropriate positions.

Features of Angular 7

On 18th October 2018 Angular Frameworks latest version was – Angular 7. The version comes with some of the most terrific features that are sure to make it even more wanting of the technology. It offers some of the best functions to build a web application and primarily focuses on faster and better the runtime code and complier. Some other features that make it the best are:

-Application Performance Enhancement

Version 7 is made to deliver speed. It upgrades quickly and is power-packed to deliver performance.

-Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature has made it possible for developers to simply drag and drop interfaces the automatic sorting, previews and custom drag handles make the working in the Angular 7 very enjoyable.

-CLI Prompts

CLI command in Angular 7 has made developers navigation around the interface easy. When the feature is activated, Angular 7 prompts to enable users to contact with in-built support and other functions while writing code.

-Angular Material and Component Development Kit (CDK)

Experience the never-seen-before visual updates and enhancements in the Angular framework. Angular 7 boasts refresh ability, dynamic loading too, which has improved its efficiency in handling large data lists. Also, there are some other new features and improvements in Angular CDK.

-Virtual Scrolling

Angular 7 has a scrolling module added to allow virtual scrolling. The feature displays a large list of elements performantly by only rending the items that fit on the screen. today are using the features to cut down the time taken in loading hundreds of elements.

Angular 7 and Beyond

Angular is built and maintained by Google, and this makes it more trusted in the development community. Angular boasts a Long-Term Support which shows the commitment of a lifetime in the improvement in the technology. It also guarantees the technological advancements we are all hoping for in the IT space.

As Google has become a synonym of innovation and creativity, the same is being hoped for Angular 7 and the upcoming versions. And the wonders we have experienced and seen in the Angular 7 makes us want more. The angular framework is all about showing us what is beat and how dynamic the frontend development can get. In just ten years of its life span, we have seen a range of growth that no other technology has been able to show. Of course, there are some very good competitors in the market, but the statistics point that Angular currently is the leader.

Version 7, has some amazing features, and it makes it one of the most versatile frameworks of all time. It is efficient, fast, and high-performing, we think it has check right on everything the and the web development companies look for. This progress definitely makes us more hopeful about the bright future of the Angular framework.
And that was a wrap!

Improved performance, type safety, easy maintenance, optimization for SEO, and all the other new advancements that we have seen in the past few years make up the leader of the technology domain – Angular Framework.

With all the other technologies upping their ante, we are expecting a great technical battle in the coming year. In the end, the winner is the one that is much faster in understanding the current problems of the web and mobile app development landscape and solves it the best.

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