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Job Search Mobile App Development Cost & Key Features

Mobile App | December 5, 2021

In today’s era, finding a job is undeniably a tedious task. You cannot visit each and every company for dropping your resume. Indeed, websites such as, Monster.Com helped the users to seek their desired jobs but eventually, the tech generation is now looking forward to faster and reliable mobile solutions. Well, yes the landscape of the mobile app industry is covering all the domains and thus people are looking for such options in order to hit upon the right business organization.

However, developing a job search mobile app is a toiling task, so it is always suggested that you begin with the services for which the users just cannot wait to use. Now once you find the right mobile app development company for making your job finder mobile app, it is imperative that you must have the app idea clear in your mind. So, here you will find out the basic architecture of a job search mobile app along with the technologies, best features, and cost of development.

User Panel:

The job seekers application development becomes a complicated process, that becomes difficult for the employees to take care of. We have been delivering solutions that make it easier for you to earn a reputation that takes your business to the top of your game. 


Our job search mobile app development team ensures that the solutions that are delivered to you help job seekers earn the best of the results. With most features in the application, we make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you are defined by the advanced feature set that makes it easier for you to make a mark the domain.  

Recruiter Panel

The panel aims that the functioning of the recruiters. The recruiters get the solutions that are interesting. Over the years we have been working in delivering solutions that could make searching for the potential client an easy task. 

The recruiters would find it easier to connect with the job seekers and deliver solutions that are meant to earn better. Our developers work in accordance with the business objective and reflect on the screen solutions that seem one of their kind.

We want to bring in the best experience for the job seekers and recruiters. We understand how important and complex it is to manage things here, thus with automative solutions, we ensure that the results that are dropped to you bring the best on the screen.

Admin Panel:


Other than these basic features there are a few more features that you would need to implement in your application. To make sure your product stands out from the crowd, we deliver solutions that are interesting and engaging.

With highly efficient results and great filtering choices, we deliver solutions that would help you build a strong presence in the market.

Advance Features

The advanced features that we have listed here bring on-the-stage solutions that are interesting and can help you earn better results. We make sure that the solutions that you get are unique to your industry. 

In-app communication: Communication is integral to making a business flourish. Staying connected with your consumers is always important and several ways such as push notifications, SMS, emails, etc can be used so as to keep them updated about the latest jobs, companies, and evolving market trends. Users always want to be heard thus allowing them to communicate with the recruiter or the admin in the event of some query can make your app noticeable in the industrial niche.

Payment: Integrating digital payment options such as net banking, eWallet apps, or credit/debit cards can contribute some extra benefits to your job finder app. With the help of different payment options, users can select any of the services and can avail them at any time required. Thus, allow them to register for the advanced features and the packages available for finding a job in a convenient way while sitting at home.

Memberships: This feature cannot be missed while we are talking about the best attributes of a job finder mobile app. Under this feature; the users can avail of the advanced services, premium memberships and can even set the features required. This way they are not required to look for the deals again and again. The feature works great in capturing the user’s attention as they are keep reminded about the services and best offers that come with their memberships and assures them, that they will be provided with the most convenient job opportunities.

Cloud Management: Implementation of cloud technology comes as a great deal in managing all the data in a much-secured manner. All the related data corresponding to the users, recruiters, resumes uploaded, etc are stored on the cloud for making the workflow of the business very seamless. A job finder mobile app development inclusive of the cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable plus monitors and secures all the information and data stored on the secured servers thus protecting the overall business integrity.

Multilingual: Well, almost 60% of today’s generation requires a job. They can belong to any physical location, thus making your app multilingual can add extra benefits. The users can operate the app in the desired language, thus simplifying the job finding procedure. They can clearly showcase their abilities, requirements and the jobs they are interested to seek. This is a great way in keeping the users engaged as the app allows them to work in the way they require.

Interview Schedule: This is a very important feature of a job finder mobile app. it is extremely crucial that your app allows the recruiters to schedule the interview. This greatly encourages the users and builds a positive impression of your app. According to the positions applied by the users, fetching them the right job along with the ability to schedule an interview is the core ideation of any job finder mobile app. In case your app sticks to that, probably your app might rank on the charts.

Job questionnaires and fields: The job questionnaire is the next step after the interview schedule. With this feature, the users are not required to travel from one physical location to another. Through these job questionnaires, users are meant to answer the questions within a stipulated time. In case they clear the round, they are selected for the next further step. This greatly helps them to save their time and money and aware them of the questions and the patterns that will be followed in the next step on the basis of technical expectation and aptitude.

Recruiters directory page

It happens sometimes that users don’t like the companies that are listed in the portal according to their posted requirements. Now in this scenario, they can uninstall the app as well but in case your app is embedded with Recruiter’s directory page they might not think about executing the above thought. This feature allows the user to select a particular company and enlists the required contact information such as email, contact number, location of the business organization, and the core idea. This way users can directly apply to the companies they are interested to work with.

We build solutions that are interesting and feature ladened. These features are defined after in-depth research of the market and the competition. We make sure that the loophole in your competition’s application is covered in your app.

Over the years, we have delivered solutions that are designed in a way that reflects well and aesthetically engages the audience. If you want us to build a mobile job search app with some extra features we are just a click away.  

Team Structure:

Eventually, finding the best mobile app development company is not the only goal to be achieved. There are several other individuals that are involved in developing your app from scratch. You require a comprehended team of Mobile App Developers, expert designers, astute testers headed by a couple of project managers. The function of your job finder app depends largely on the method, that is deployed in developing it. Hence it becomes very crucial that you find the right and the deserving candidates that are imbibed with the real passion and potential for engineering the perfect mobile app. Here is the major key person that plays a great role in contributing true quality and perfection to your app:


When you reach us for a job search mobile app development we make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you are designed to meet your business objective and reflect your business identity on the screen. Our team has been working in delivering solutions that are unique to the domain and can engage job seekers easily.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Job finder mobile app?

While you step into the world of Mobile App Development outlining the basic cost for developing a mobile app is very tedious. An App Developer may not be able to estimate total cost from the beginning itself as prices vary as the number of features increases. Needless to say, the process of developing a mobile app is a lengthy and complicated process and can take a much longer time. The Job Finder mobile app development Companies usually charge on per hour basis according to the complexities involved and timeline charted. According to the current standards, the cost for developing a job finder mobile app is $45-$60 which a fairly reasonable amount for developing such apps is. The aforementioned cost also includes UX/UI designing of the app and testing. The charges of back-end development may vary as per the amount of data to be stored and managed.

However, the cost of developing an app depends on the physical location of the developers as well. For instance, US-based App Developing firms take around $40 – $250/hour, for Western Europe and Eastern Europe the app developing charges may vary from $50-$170 and $45-$150 respectively.

India can be said as the most reasonable country for developing a job finder app (25$-$45). The cost of developing a basic app with minimum features is around $8,000. However, if you seek a highly sophisticated mobile app with the above premium features the price may augment up to $20,000. The rising need for jobs had led to immense competition in developing the best and excelled job finder mobile apps. The price for development can rise in the foreseen times.

Wrapping It Up!

So, grab a skilled and a reputed Mobile App Development Company for crafting out the Job finder mobile apps that are true to your business ideation and concepts. So to make it a profitable and productive investment, it is mandatory that you spend more on the unique features that are missing in the previous app versions so as to gain a superior advantage.

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