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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native App

Mobile App | May 18, 2022

React native is one of the popular app development frameworks launched by Facebook. It is a cross-platform app development framework, and it will allow developers to create apps both in Android and IOS. Code reusability is the reason why developers love React native the most. It will provide an optimized user performance. React Native is developing technology and its value is never going to decrease.

React Native is the most adaptable platform. It improves development speed and reduces development costs. Since it is a cross-platform app development platform, developers can work on IOS, Android, and other platforms using a single codebase.

This article will discuss seven common mistakes you could make while working with React Native framework.

React Native

Code reusability is one of the main perks of using React Native. Error in layout frequently occurs since the Native developers ignore the vital fact that the layout of IOS and Android platforms is different.

The creation of app in React Native and other Hybrid apps are different. Writing a code in Native React requires more code than the Hybrid apps.

In the beginning, we said about React Natives’ power to create both Android and IOS supporting apps. Then what about web apps? Well, for that, you should carefully estimate the entities, their relationships, database structure, etc. It would help if you used all the endpoints the backend offers you.

An innovative project requires more focus on planning and structuring than on data handling. Managing an app is easy when we plan it accordingly. Redux helps you with managing and debugging apps and store data accurately. But, the Redux framework is recommended for big scale projects than on small projects. Long lines of codes are required even for a slight change. Therefore, native react is recommended on large-scale projects and avoid it on small-scale applications.

Since the application’s output relies on image optimization, it should be the high-priority task in React Native apps. But most of the time, developers do not remember this. If you do not optimize images, it will reduce the efficiency of the app by consuming large memory and storage space.

In the image, optimization images are resized locally and stored in the cloud, where the server returns a CDN link, which then can be returned through API. This will process images fastly and increase the app’s efficiency.

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Console log statements while creating a React Native application helps developers in debugging and ensure the program is bug-free. Removing all log declarations before proceeding is essential, and some developers forget this. It can cause major issues, especially when you have to render methods and logic inside. At last, these logs may result in JavaScript thread congestion.

Modules have a significant role, especially when it comes to documentation. Modules make things easier and speed up work. But sometimes, there is a high chance of modules splitting. Developers should practice reading these external module codes to avoid this problem. This will allow you to understand the errors and how to resolve them.

DataStore and View are interconnected. Views are rendered based on their states, whereas datastore objects are stored as components. Later the program acquires a new state from the database and presents it. The setState() in react receives the latest state of the object and compares it with the previous state. Then it is merged with the state earlier. As a result, a new state is created and added to the state datastore.

The component life cycle continues for a lifetime in React Native. Direct state change can affect this lifecycle and breaks it by corrupting all previous states. This results in an app crash.

Proper structuring helps to manage the project and work with it efficiently. Well-organized project files and directories can make developers work so easily. A project can be organized in different ways. If you are a beginner, you should practice this from the initial stage itself. It will definitely benefit you in your future career.

The above listed are not the only mistakes that can be made while working with React Native. But don’t worry, there are no developers in the world who can work with zero errors. But you cannot ignore your responsibilities.

App development is a promise to your clients or app users. Proper practice and careful work habits can avoid these mistakes. But when working with React Native, you should be extra cautious since it has a little different method to follow. The most common errors are mentioned above. Try to work with these mistakes at first. By repeated practice, you can understand all the other errors that you could make. If you are a beginner, take the advice of experienced developers.

About the Author: AarifHabeeb is the Technical Content writer at DigitalMarketingCrab. He is a technical writer and IoT writer of the year 2020 by HackerNoon. His expertise includes Technical writing, Technical SEO, e-commerce, lead generation, and localized site-to-store strategies. He is the founder of AarifHabeeb& Co. Feel Free to Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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