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Top 20 Laravel Themes and Templates for your next project – Themesberg Blog

Mobile App | May 22, 2022

As a software engineer that relies on the Laravel PHP framework to build websites and applications, the following Laravel themes to be discussed as we proceed in this article are the best options you can find anywhere on the internet.

What makes them special? These themes and templates are not only attractive and eye-catching when used on projects, they are the best fit to develop apps that suit your needs.

Not only that, the themes listed in this article helps in increasing apps’ efficiency and they also give an insight on how an application performance is faring – something every developer in this field would be proud to have around their projects.

These Laravel projects can give you a head start by helping you reduce your workload to just focusing on development (which is the key thing) so you won’t unnecessarily have to start the whole thing from scratch.

In this article, we’ll thoroughly be explaining to you some of the best Laravel themes and templates for 2021 with their respective unique features and download links for interested developers to use for their upcoming individual or commercial projects. Stay tuned!

1. Volt Laravel Dashboard

Volt is a full stack Laravel application featuring an authentication system, CRUDs for items, categories, tags, users, an extensive amount of examples pages and hundreds of UI components based on Bootstrap 5.

This project can kick-start your Laravel web project with most of the basic functionalities any admin interface needs. You can also easily customize the appearance using Sass variables and mixins and use the pre-built Gulp commands to compile the stylesheets.


2. Argon Laravel Dashboard

The Argon Laravel Dashboard is the perfect fit for anyone looking to improve their backend skills with Laravel. What makes it stand out among others?

It’s a clean and modern theme that won’t accommodate you with unnecessary inconvenience during usage. For web development, it’s a nice Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard that you can truly depend on from prototyping to fastly building a fully functional web application.


3. Material Laravel Dashboard

This Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard comes with a unique and clean design. Any software engineer with the Laravel Framework 8.x+ can rely on it for quick and efficient web development.

The Material Laravel Dashboard comes with ready-to-use components and CRUDS that users can turn around to implement some certain functionalities in a web application. Also, Creative Tim and Updivision got inspiration from Google’s Material Design in creating this powerful and versatile beauty.


4. Laravel Spatie

Are you looking to save lots of hours of work in creating beautiful and eye-catching dashboards in no time? The Laravel Spatie might be a good option for you.

It’s an amazing Laravel tool you would fancy using because of the fact that it’s included with base functionality such as the base CSS, a tile view component for positioning things on the dashboard, a dashboard view component and a Tile model to persist fetched data that tiles can use to store fetched data.


5. Material Vue Laravel Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel has a flexible architecture that you can use for creating exceptional-looking applications.

Conveniently, it’s unique from every other Laravel dashboard in the sense that the API does all the heavy lifting for you so you won’t only have a neat and tidy timeout with the dashboard but also enjoy a quick development section with it while working on frontend and backend instantaneously with no delay.


6. Now UI Laravel Dashboard

Creative Tim and UPDIVISION partnered together in creating this fully customizable Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard for developers to quickly build their complex admin panels with it.

You can use the free version of this dashboard when working on your personal or commercial projects and you can easily upgrade to the pro version if you plan on utilizing most of its features. Furthermore, the look and feel of this incredible Laravel dashboard is inspired by the NOW UI Kit.


7. Backpack for Laravel

Since its introduction to the web development industry in 2016, lots of professionals have been using Backpack for Laravel for creating and customizing admin panels, making use of the simple MVC architecture and a clean design.


8. Core Plus

Be it a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Hospital management system – just name the admin activities system of your choice, Core Plus can be a great admin template for all kinds of dashboard applications.

Based on the Bootsrap CSS framework you can get started with the ready-to-use components to further customize the dashboard.


9. Reactify

Reactify is a React based admin dashboard theme which also includes a Laravel version. Aside from being 100% responsive and RTL languages supported, Reactify also comes with ready-to-use components, widgets, and pages that its users can rely on for creating a super-easy admin panel.


10. One UI

OneUI is not just a Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template but also a professional and fully-featured admin Laravel tool you can always put your money on for creating incredible UI for any kind of project of your choice.

For example, you can build a web application, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, and CRM on it.


11. Codebase

Codebase is another admin dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 and includes a Laravel 8 Starter Kit including lots of example pages and components.

Additionally, it also includes Sass stylesheet files for you to customize the appearance easiser.


12. Core UI

Core UI is a popular dashboard that is also available in the Laravel PHP framework. It features dark and light modes and the pro version comes with premium plugins for charts, calendar, maps, and many more.


13. Vuexy

Vuexy is a Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel admin dashboard template that you can try out not only because it’s ultimately convenient and flexible to use but also because it’s superbly fast and highly scalable.


14. Vuely

Vuely is another admin dashboard template that comes with multiple technology options, such as Laravel, Vue JS, Angular, and Express JS and also comes with a lazy-loading feature.


15. Josh

Josh is a Laravel dashboard application that includes a complex set of pages and components that you can use to kick-start your next web application. What’s interesting about this theme is that it includes all of the Laravel versions from 4.2.


16. Craftable

Craftable is a free and open source admin interface starter kit for Laravel which comes with quite a few set of CRUD actions and an authentication system out of the box.


17. Black Laravel Dashboard

With its free version, you can easily, fastly build eye-catching web applications from prototyping to programming without hassle with just limited features such as 16 UI components, 3 example pages and 3 customized plugins.

If you want more interesting features to work with, you can decide to go for its Pro version (called Black Dashboard Pro Laravel) that will offer you about 200 UI components, 26 example pages, 14 pre-built templates together with photoshop, sketch and SASS files.


18. Gull Dashboard

You can rely on the Gull template for your next Laravel cross-platform application and web application backend projects (such as chat applications, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS, custom admin panels, admin dashboards, and many more).

The Gull template is based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework and includes Sass, HTML5, CSS, and jQuery plugins.


19. Cubic Dashboard

Cubic is a Laravel admin templates that comes with 3 different layout versions featuring a CRUD builder, log viewer, blog system, authentication system, and multiple plugins and UI elements.


20. Voyager

Voyager is a very popular open source Laravel dashboard featuring a built-in CRUD system, user authentication, clean page examples and it’s also available to pull on Github.

Feel free to use any of the above vividly-explained popular Laravel Admin Panel Templates for your next web application project.

Most importantly, never hesitate to take into account cost, functionality and your project requirements when planning to build on any of them to help you ease your selections and pick the exact package that you actually need for your task because a large majority of them come in both free and pro versions.

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