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Letter to Mike, Vinova

Mike, Nguyen Dinh Hai,  has provided excellent support to Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd as our contract vendor programmer.

Some of the projects he had completed for us:

  1. Recovery of data when our database server failed in 2008
  2. Upgraded two of our servers in 2008 & 2009.
  3. Upgraded request changes in program functions according to our specifications
  4. Wrote a program and implemented wireless loading and updating of student’s progress
  5. Using the IPOD touch.
  6. Maintenance of SSDC website (www.ssdcl.com.sg)

He has shown great abilities and knowledge to get things done in the most challenging and
difficult period even at odd hours.

Joe Lim
Asst Manager
Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd
Dated: 27 May 2010

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