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Top Mobile App Developer in Singapore

World-class mobile and web development services for enterprises, SMEs & startups since 2010
We make web and mobile apps

Vinova creates customised web apps, mobile apps and mobile games for clients which range from smaller scale as start-up individual to larger scale as enterprise corporate.

Vinova creates apps on multiple platforms

Do you need a  iOS or Android app, or a web-based app for cross-platform solution? You’ve come to right place.  We create social iOS apps to an Android productivity tools, to integrated enterprise solutions of complex backend systems. Our team will walk you through the whole process to bring your ideas to reality, which includes requirement gathering, app design, app development and production launch.  


Mobile apps

Vinova designs and develops iPhone app, iPad app, Android phone app, and Android tablet app in native language. This is to ensure the best app performance, best app user experience and security for your mobile apps. We had experience with mobile apps in small scale (like startup MVP) to large scale (like app products for enterprise & corporate). Find out more.


Web app

Vinova designs and develop websites and web applications. We have worked on great amount of web projects, from simple introductory websites to complex web applications. Vinova is the leading web technology company in Singapore that specializes in web-based applications for schools and SMEs. Find out more.


Social apps

Vinova has developed many Facebook & Twitter applications for SMEs. We’re living in a highly connected world. Each of us are only separated from one another by six-degrees-of-separation. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter help us to benefit from this connected world. Find out more.

We solve your outsourcing needs

We are timeline and deliverable driven.

We are proud of our core values.  If we can’t deliver or timeframe is too short, we will tell you upfront. We promise, we deliver. That’s what our clients like about us.

Expertise Offering

With our experience in the industry, with our base of staff, and with our non-stop learning attitude, we’ve proven ourselves in the industry as competent and trustworthy. We have expertise to offer you. Share your stories with us, we will advise and develop the right solution together with you.

Man-power Provision

We understand that it is cost & time effective to maintain an IT team for most corporate organisations. For some others, the in-house IT team is just too busy and cannot help you with your project. For some others, it is costly to establish an IT department because it is not your core business. We have a competent and energetic team to help you on project or head-count basis.

We work with digital agencies

Bringing great app design to life is what we do.

We love working with agencies and have been teamed up with some Singapore Digital Agencies to implement beautiful designs into memorable mobile apps and creative websites for their clients.

Design to Functionality

As a digital agency, our partner do research analytics to get the audience needs, advise the best strategy for your company and brand, and came up with a corresponding web or mobile app solution.

We then convert their solution ideas and creative designs to a complete functional app. We work closely with our agency partners and sometimes their clients, to support our agency partners and their Clients to achieve their goal.

Launch to Production support

“It’s not done until it ships.” After development is completed, we deploy apps to productions and support the production launch. For long term projects, we’ve been helping with app and server maintenance for the Clients.

We work with tech startups

Startup is exciting.

Vinova is excited about new ideas. We are energetic, enthusiastic, just like you. We want to help you make ideas reality. We’ve been working with a number of startups in Singapore and around the world in various industries.

From ideas

Share with us your ideas and your excitement, what you’d like to create, your stories and your plan. We will set aside our time listening and analysing your ideas. We give you advices to our best knowledge and experience. Only when we’re clear of your ideas, let’s proceed to the next step: bringing ideas to reality.

To reality

Vinova work with your start-up team closely. We support your launch of product to market. Your success is our happiness.

We build enterprise systems

We build and maintain Enterpise IT system

Vinova have experience with corporate system having complex backend logic and integration. We’ve been developing and maintaining IT system in big scale to serve different groups of users. We provide solutions to enterprise needs.

One good example is the IT system and infrastructure for SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Centre), who has a large number of staff and students. System is critical with finance implication.

Solution proposal

We use a mix of proprietary research analytics to dig deep and unearth audience needs, identify key influencers and fearlessly get to the heart of what sets your company or brand apart.

System implemetation

We use a mix of proprietary research analytics to dig deep and unearth audience needs, identify key influencers and fearlessly get to the heart of what sets your company or brand apart.


We use a mix of proprietary research analytics to dig deep and unearth audience needs, identify key influencers and fearlessly get to the heart of what sets your company or brand apart.

Technical advice and support

We use a mix of proprietary research analytics to dig deep and unearth audience needs, identify key influencers and fearlessly get to the heart of what sets your company or brand apart.

We create mobile games

We are reputable mobile game developer.

With experiences in developing our own mobile games, Vinova has helped clients to develop their mobile games on multiple platforms like iOS and Android, as well as computer games on MacOS and Windows. We have a team mixed of creative and passionate people from artist to developers, who can help you bring your game ideas to reality and success.

Proven skillset

Incubated by GSC. Nurtured by MDA. And exposed to international scene. Vinova has necessary skillsets and knowledge to bring your ideas to the mobile game world.


Our in-house “Ultimate Arrow” game won the 1st prize (Best In Show) at Casual Connect Asia game conference in 2013. This is real encouragement to our team and has helped to prove our ability in the Game industry.





Mobile games



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