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New client acquired: Ayuthaya, The Royal Thai Spa

Kudos to the Sales Team. We’ve got a new client from Spa Industry: Ayuthaya, The Royal Thai Spa

The Company was incorporated in Singapore on 19th July 2004 to carry on the business as owners, operators and managers of “Ayuthaya Royal Thai Spa”, an authentic Thai style spa providing ancient forms of Thai massage; both Thai Traditional Massage and Royal Court Thai Massage; aromatherapy body massages and beauty treatments, using traditional Thai herbs and natural products.

Ayuthaya was once the Royal Capital of Thailand before moving to Bangkok, but many of its Royal influences still remain in traditional Thai massage techniques. Hence the reason for adopting Ayuthaya as our trading name, in order to reflect Royalty, originality and authenticity. The official opening of our first Spa was in December 2004.

Ayuthaya Spa is unique in that it aims to provide a real “Royal Thai Spa Experience” with world class standards and quality. We aim to provide a combination of soothing atmosphere, skilled Thai style therapists and the finest in Thai Hospitality, for which Thailand is renowned worldwide. It will be specifically designed Thai contemporary style and the treatments to be provided to the customers are to be authentic and uniquely Thai, as practiced in the ancient Royal Court. 

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