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New startup project launched: – Check it out ! is a free product reviews and Q&A site. Ask support questions about a product you own, or research a product you might want to buy. Read other people’s experiences, or sign in through facebook or twitter to filter product reviews by your social network.

Why do you care?

When you’re about to buy a new LCD TV, where do you turn for help? Maybe you call a friend, email somebody that you know who’s good with electronics. Then, you probably search on google. But who do you turn to for advice? That’s where we come in. We rank reviews on the internet and encourage you to ask your friends what they think about products before you buy them. We make researching and purchasing products easier and more efficient. is a startup project of Anideo Singapore (in the collaboration with Vinova team) – Anideo develops innovative web technologies as both stand-alone web applications and integrated services on popular social networking platforms. Their main focus is the monetization of social networks, through employing the social networking framework and its corresponding social graph to improve and enhance e-commerce. Their key products will seek to apply innovative web principles to the following industries: online & offline retail commerce, news & media, entertainment, information technology & systems, marketing, and advertising.

Anideo Singapore - Product Reviews

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