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myAppalogues – App-based electronic catalogues

Yay, new site launched! myAppalogues – App-based electronic catalogues. You can also find the iPhone/iPad app available on Apple Store too

myAppalogues - App-based catalogues

myAppalogues - App-based catalogues

In their words:

Every day we see merchants willing to spend thousands of dollars on tradeshows, magazine / print, and website campaigns. And then they end up selling at a discount anyway as it’s such a crowded market. We’re not telling merchants what to do, and there are some benefits to tradeshows obviously, but if the world is going to mobile (which it is) and you can easily afford to give it a try (which now you can) then we’re finding that people will do that.”

myApp4KIDS is free to download and use and costs a small monthly fee per advertisement. There are no commissions on sales. Merchants can register at and use the Ad Wizard to easily create instant mobile promotions for their products.

A few screenshots of the app:


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