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Malware ‘Xavier’ struck 800 apps in Google Play Shop, states cyber security company

Cyber Security | December 23, 2017

Malware ‘Xavier’ hit 800 apps in Google Play Shop, states cyber security company

The team found that Xavier’s stealing and leaking abilities are difficult to identify because of a self-protect mechanism through making use of string encryption, internet data file encryption and emulator detection.

Google Play Store

< meta itemprop=dateModified material="Jun 23, 2017 13:17 +00:00"> Indo Asian News Service, New Delhi< meta itemprop=url content= > A trojan Android malware Xavier affected smore than 800 apps in Google

Play Store.(AFP File Photo/ Representational )Worldwide cyber security company Pattern Micro on Friday stated it has spotted more than 800 applications in Google Play Store embedded with a trojan Android malware “Xavier” that have been downloaded millions of times till date.Xavier takes and

leaks a user’s info calmly.

“These applications range from utility apps such as image manipulators to wallpaper and ringtone changers. We likewise offer multi-layered mobile security solutions to secure users from this risk,” Trend Micro said in a declaration.

Based on data from its Mobile App Track Record Service, the group discovered that Xavier’s stealing and leaking abilities are hard to detect due to the fact that of a self-protect system through the use of approaches such as string encryption, internet data encryption and emulator detection.

It likewise has the capability to download and execute other malicious codes from a remote server, which might be an even more harmful aspect of the malware.

“The easiest method to prevent a cunning malware like ‘Xavier’ is to not download and install applications from an unknown source even if they are from legitimate app shops like Google Play Shop,” stated Nilesh Jain, country supervisor (India and Saarc) at Pattern Micro.