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Top 10 Augmented Reality Developers in Singapore

Top 10 Augmented Reality Developers in Singapore

Over the years, augmented reality (or AR) has gained a lot of popularity in the advertising world. This is as a result of its benefits – which impresses in an innovative manner. It is an obvious fact that when looking at the big picture, AR has played a major role in improving the impression of customers. Especially with WebAR, deploying WebAR is as easy as launching a mobile browser without the need to download yet another app.

AR has also been instrumental in improving customer engagements and with the other numerous perks that come with this technology, it isn’t surprising that it has caught on worldwide. With this in mind here are the top ten augmented reality developers in Singapore.

  1. Perceptik

Perceptik is the Augmented Reality arm of H1Studio, a digital agency in Singapore, founded in 2009. They have provided AR development for many advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Havas, Cheil, Singapore Press Holdings to name a few. Just recently, they won Gold (with DDB) for the Print Creative Media Buy category of the SPH iink Awards with an AR app for “One Force – RSAF Recruitment” campaign.

Being the leader in the industry for so many years, Perceptik has grown its capabilities and developed many apps leveraging different AR SDKs in the market such as Wikitude, Kudan, Vuforia, WebAR and recently, Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. Perceptik also crafts AR experiences leveraging on Facebook Spark AR Studio. A recent AR campaign with VMLYR X Bandai Namco  allowed gamers to easily try out the hairstyles of their favourite characters and experience the transformation first-hand.

The wealth of experience gained by the team will help the client achieve the best quality AR application, for their marketing goals, in the most cost effective way.


  1. Massive Infinity

Massive Infinity was established in 2012 and it has gone on to become one of the most prominent developers of augmented reality in Singapore. Apart from its augmented reality service, this company also offers services that include website development, enterprise applications, virtual reality and blockchain solutions.

Massive Infinity assures its customers that they can fully exploit all the advantages of augmented reality through the help of their team. Even though augmented reality is a relatively new technology, Massive Infinity’s developers have a lot of experience gotten from the designing of various AR apps.

  1. Credencys

Credencys was established in 2013 as an autonomous Augmented Reality and Mobile Apps Development Company. Credencys offers a detailed overlay of information about your products to enable customers obtain that information in real time. They also offer the augmentation of 2D/3D graphics, video and audio – thereby ensuring an immersive experience.

This company ensures that its custom branded apps are also compatible with a host of devices – iOS and Android alike. Credencys is a licensing partner of Metaio and this gives it great insight when it comes to new technologies. This partnership is also instrumental in Credencys’ know-how of 3D modeling, 3D rendering, SLAM tracking – as well as rigging and animation.

  1. EON Reality

EON Reality are veterans in this technology field. Since 1999, they had already started the development of augmented reality, knowledge transfer solutions and virtual reality. The company has various AR and VR software and solutions that are beneficial to students, workers and everyday people. With this software platform, users can utilize mobile phones, tablets9 Icubes or Idome theaters to publish.

A featured app of EON is the EON Creator AVR which is a customized library that enables students to engage across different subjects. EON’s existence that has spanned over two decades has led them to create AR and VR for a lot of reputable companies and organizations including GSK, Exxon Mobil and Boeing.

  1. D. Ink

This company was established in 2008 and started as a Digital Brand company. In the long run, they’ve re-branded their services and are now a Brand Marketing company. D. Ink assures that its development team is one of the best in the business of brand and marketing solutions.

D-Ink then incorporated Augmented Reality technology solutions into its list of services in 2010. This will ensure that clients – who are looking for new methods to infuse revolutionary technology into actualizing their marketing goals – are satisfied with the service. D. Ink’s clients include Raffles Institute, Accenture, Friendster, Cuckoo, McCaNN Worldgroup, Catcha Group, Outofstock and MRM.

  1. Swag Soft Holdings

Swag Soft specializes in game and mobile app development – also with the ability to implement these solutions with the use of augmented reality and virtual reality. This company’s track record is outstanding and they’ve performed services for brands like Toyota, BMW and Caltex. Swag Soft’s works have also been featured on platforms like Channel News Asia, Straits Times and MediaCorp.

  1. VizioFly

This interactive media company is known for its services in 360° video creation, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. This company explores the wide array of possibilities that come with video creation and interactive media – possibilities including animations and visual effects.

VizioFly is open to all types of challenging jobs that will help in honing the craft of its development team. In Singapore, this company is reputable in the aspect of 360° video and Virtual Reality – with the aim of being the best in the whole of Asia.

  1. Dreamarvel

Dreamarvel Pte Ltd was established in September 2008. The company’s digital media production services include 3D Visualization & Animation and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Dreamarvel also offers various services based on augmented reality development. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a computer or a smartphone, Dreamarvel is suited to churn out 2D or 3D augmented reality multimedia and interactive content. Dreamarvel assures the production of top quality solutions and this is shown by its development of AR for World Expo 2012 Singapore Pavilion.

  1. Hiverlab

This is a revolutionary Infocomm and content production company with immersive technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality as its main focus. Hiverlab’s creative content, apps and platform – known as Storyhive – has been utilized in sectors like education, marketing and corporate communication.

This company’s great track record has ensured that strategic partnerships have been established. These partners include Samsung, Seagate, Huawei, NVIDIA, AliCloud and Autodesk. Also, the works of this company have been mentioned in the mainstream media – with CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sina and The Straits Times being just a few.

  1. MAGE Studio

This a creative technology company that offers services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Serious Games, Gamification and Media and Mobility. MAGE ensures that they stay ahead of the competition by always seeking the most current trends and latest technology in the Gaming and AR/VR world. With its brilliant development team blessed with great visualization skills, the needs of clients are easily understood and met.