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Top React Native Developer in Singapore

Android, iOS, Mobile App, Technologies, Trends | August 18, 2019

We give a quick review of some of the best React Native development companies in Singapore that offer affordable and cutting-edge technology to develop applications for business enterprises.

1. Mobix Technologies

Mobix is a leading IT outsourcing company in Singapore that is providing cutting-edge technologies for enterprise and SME clients such as NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native app development. They have been developing many web and mobile applications for Singapore clients since 2014.

To know more about Mobix, you can visit their website here: Mobix Technologies

2. Vinova

Vinova helps Singapore companies and start-up individuals to make their ideas reality by providing our IT services and solutions. Vinova specialises in developing mobile apps, web apps and mobile games. They have been developing and maintaining many eCommerce and responsive websites, mobile apps and games on iOS and Android platforms, as well as complex Enterprise system. Vinova is among TOP10 Mobile Applications Development Companies in Singapore – according to

Vinova is well-known for Speed and Quality in the industry, since their founding in 2010.

Their portfolio is available for download here. And their company video is available here.

3. Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs has a culture of innovation and excellence that helps them become strong in mobile apps. They also service a wide range of clients. What is special about Rainmaker Labs is that they have developed their own beacon management system, helping marketers target their customers.

4. Buuuk

Buuuk started as an experimental app but turned into a full fledged client servicing studio over a few years. They believe in honesty, respect and substance, making them a mobile app studio of choice.

5. 2359 Media

2359 Media developers iOS and Android apps for enterprises. They have been around for about 9 years, and is one of the older mobile app development studios in the market. They once built a microsite, Lou Hei, that reached a large audience and proved to be a success for user engagements.

6. Codigo

They have expanded from being just a mobile app developer to also provide coaching and education work to train the next generation of coders. Codigo was founded in 2010 and provides high quality design and development work.