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App Development Cost: How to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile App | October 23, 2019

This blog encompasses information for those entrepreneurs, who are looking forward to reducing the mobile app development cost. Here, we have curated 4 tips to reduce app development cost that are personally implemented by our mobile app developers while developing an app.

Do you want to develop a mobile app for your business, but suddenly give a second thought because of the high cost?

Well, it’s true that developing a mobile app is not a cheap endeavor. Even, many companies and startups are trying to figure out how to reduce mobile app development cost without compromising the quality of the app.

This is the reason, we decided to write a dedicated post on how to reduce mobile app development cost.

This post is not only helpful for businesses but also helpful for developers to decrease the overall app development cost. Now, let’s get started with some useful tips and tricks that we have personally implemented for our clients’ project:

#1. Clear and In-detail Requirements

The first and foremost tip is, make sure to write clear and in-detail requirements about your app development project. By writing a detailed document, you can clearly communicate about your requirements with the app developer that will save their time and efforts.

Let’s take an example of our client, who wanted to develop an event planning application named Loop: Party with friends. Our client along with his two friends contacted us and shared the document, containing requirements about the project. Our client was very clear about his concept, so our business representative instantly understood the concept. In fact, our professional app developers did not face any challenge while developing this app and completed this project in five-weeks only.

So, if you will not prepare a requirement document, it will lead to numerous changes in the app, resulting in an increase in the development time and cost. Make sure to gather your requirements and note down those requirements in the document so that the development team or company gets a clear picture in mind.

#2. Make Your App’s Purpose Clear & Concise 

The second tip to consider is, make your app’s purpose clear and concise. So, your development team comprehends it easily and do not find any difficulty while developing it.

Let’s take an example, you want to develop a food app, but there are different types of food apps like food ordering app, food delivering app, food recipe app and more. So, your app’s purpose must be clear and concise like if you want to develop a food ordering app, then it will only take orders from users and deliver it on estimated time.

If you will try to fulfill multiple purposes of your users, it will confuse your development team and stretch your budget. So, initially, try to be clear and concise with your app’s purpose and advance it with the next versions.

#3. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The third tip is MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is a development technique in which a new application is developed with only one region, sufficient features, and functionalities to suffice the early users’ need.

Rather than developing an application, covering different regions and different functionalities, launch your app as MVP. It will help you to save a lot of money on development.

Let’s take an example of our developed app named Bevy – Your Beverage Butler, which is first launched as an MVP. Initially, the client decided to launch this alcohol delivery application for only one region (London) with a minimum number of features.

As application started getting popularity among a greater number of users, our client decided to add vendor app, driver app and advanced features. Today, Bevy expanded throughout Europe, following the expansion to Britain. The app is valued at an estimated £30 billion at the alcohol and tobacco market in the U.K.  

So, being a startup or an entrepreneur, you can opt for MVP and save a lot of money while developing your app.

#4. Include only useful features

Another tip to decrease the overall cost of app development is, include only useful features in your app. If you have decided to develop an app, it is not mandatory to include a lot of features in your first version.

You can include only those features that are useful for your users. Including unwanted features will only lead to an increase in the development cost. So, it is better to understand your audience and their major problems to provide a solution in terms of useful features.

This is what we suggested to one of our clients, who wanted to develop a health and fitness app named Get Fit Buddy – An App to Track Unhealthy Habits. We suggested our client include only a limited number of features in the first version and in the next version, add some advanced features. Currently, the first version of this app allows users to manage their food journal, maintain exercise log and review their progress.

So, if you want to decrease the cost of app development, make sure to include only main features and add advanced features once you understand the demand and the potential to earn revenues through the first version of your app. This way, you will not only save a lot of money but also deliver what your customers want.

Final Thoughts

The cost of mobile app design and development or cost for app development can be reduced to a great extent if you, as an entrepreneur or startup owner, follow the right approach. By following the mentioned tips and tricks, you will get help in saving the overall cost of developing an app.

So, if you are having an app idea that you want to convert in the high-end application, discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and already helped over 3000 businesses to optimize their business using mobile apps.

Just fill-up the contact us form as our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions. The consultation won’t cost you any money.

Note: We will keep updating this blog with new tips and tricks to reduce your overall mobile app development cost once we personally analyze and implement them in our projects.