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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Is Almost Here – Connected IT Blog

Cyber Security | November 23, 2019

When was the last time you thought about your network security? It was probably more recently than your endpoint security. Most of the time, when thinking security, you want to protect stored data on a server or Wi-Fi. However, most users are more concerned with the data on their PCs or printouts. So many times, a mobile user will accidentally send a document to the wrong printer, or get distracted by what the passenger next to them is doing on a plane, or even leave their device in the back seat of a cab. All of these potential threats are easy to protect against if you know what to look out for.

Over 80%
of today’s workers
prefer the benefits and perks of mobile devices,
and a non-traditional work environment, posing a new challenge to keep company
data secure. With almost 50%
of small businesses
having experienced a cyber attack, it’s more
important than ever to think about your business’ security strategy. The average cost of one of
these data breaches is $3.865M. The challenge is trying to protect from threats
that are constantly changing and evolving.

Importance of Multi-Layered Security

Endpoint security is more than creating a firewall to prevent hackers from getting into your network. It’s making sure your devices have secured features that are built in, not bolted on. As more employees are taking work on the go, multi-layered security provides peace of mind. Think of the last time you, or someone you know, left their phone in the back of a cab. Were you worried about the actual phone being lost, or was it the data on the phone? It’s the same for a business. Yes, it’s not ideal to need to purchase a new device, but if the device is protected with multi-factor authentication it’s more difficult for someone to compromise the device. You never know when a PC will be left behind. Being able to remotely wipe the device is critical in a situation like this.

Raise your hand if you’ve received a call from your parents saying they clicked on something, and now their computer is acting weird. Maybe not, but your IT department has probably sent an email about phishing attempts and not clicking on links from unknown sources. Most virus protection software doesn’t protect you from phishing attempts. What if your PC could protect you? By opening a link in a new web browser that’s isolated from the rest of your system, HP Sure Click keeps malware and ransomware out of your OS, and keeps your personal and work data safe.

Don’t Be Vulnerable to Visual Hacking

However, not all threats are virtual. Think back to your last flight. Did you focus completely on whatever work or entertainment you brought along? If you’re anything like me, the longer the flight the more likely you are to get distracted by your neighbor’s screen. Visual hacking is the easiest way for data to be compromised. 90% of visual attacks are successful and there’s no way to create IT protocols to prevent them. HP helps prevent visual hacking with Sure View, an integrated privacy filter, in select notebooks, monitors, and All-in-Ones. With the push of a button, private data is secured on your display. Now you can check your email or take care of some mobile banking, without prying eyes, no matter where you are.

Are You Ready for Windows 7 End of Life?

Don’t forget about Windows 7 End of Support on January 14, 2020. While it’s possible to simply upgrade to Windows 10, there are major security features you would forfeit by not upgrading to a modern device with an Intel® vPro processor and the latest HP security features, like Sure View and Sure Click. Intel® vPro provides security enhancements that combine to help prevent malware infection and make computers more difficult to compromise. Intel® vPro with Windows 10 on an HP device is the most secure platform on the market.

Endpoint security doesn’t begin and end with your PC. Many hackers will consider printers as a low-profile entry point. In fact, printers are the easiest access point into a company’s network and 438 printers are hacked per second. Many of these printers are in Sales and Human Resources, but executives create and print the riskiest types of data at a company, and could do major damage if compromised. In addition to providing easy access to a network, a printout left behind on the print tray is the easiest way for personal data to be compromised. HP Roam provides a simple way for you to call a print job from the cloud, when you get to your printer. No more adding drivers or trying to figure out which printer is closest to you.

Just because October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, doesn’t mean discussions about endpoint security should only happen once a year. Hackers are always finding new ways to get into your network, and the devices we use every day are the easiest way to get in. With HP, Intel, and Windows 10, you can protect your data year round from these never ending threats!