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Mobile app development: 6 reasons you should outsource it

Business, Mobile App | December 31, 2019

Did you know that over the next few years the mobile application market is predicted to generate a $9.5 billion revenue for network operators, handset vendors, and software vendors? In fact, mobile applications those fantastic programs developed specifically for smartphones are a great way for your business to reach customers.

With the opportunity of mobile apps more and more smartphones and tablets are hitting the market. The need for mobile app development for various platforms has been never more essential in history then it is today.

Now that the main questions that entrepreneurs have to ask themselves do their IT team possess the knowledge and skillset to develop and test mobile applications on various platforms. Or just like any portion of business planning having the proper roadmap and know-how in the most important step towards the development of your mobile app.

This is where outsourcing takes the game, so when finding the right agency to work with here are a few reasons why you should consider when outsourcing mobile app development.

Low Cost:

It is amazingly affordable to hire a digital agency or an individual developer in regions like Vietnam, India, and Ukraine. Some of our very best clients have come to us in need of work, only ask for $400 a month, these are highly educated people and have real college degrees and they speak English perfectly.

The challenge for software developers in the regions mentioned above is that it is really hard to find good work. So this presents an opportunity for you and agencies operating in remote areas so that clients can cut their costs and developers can find steady work.

Now, having outsourced staff that works from their home means low overhead and employment costs. Cutting down unnecessary overhead would also help in keeping low software prices for the end-user as well.

Task-Specific Staff:

The best benefit of outsourcing is you can hire custom iOS application development companies or agencies that work with you until a specific task or requirement is completed. Let’s say instead of outsourcing you hire someone on a permanent basis. You would have to pay your employees $48,000 per year that is $4000 thousand per month.

Now, even if the person is valuable to you it does not compare when you can hire a team of ten employees in Vietnam or Ukraine at the same cost. These ten people will each be exponentially more valuable to you individually and collectively.

The benefit of outsourcing is that all your hired outsourced workforce can each take be assigned tasks according to the expertise. So this way you have an opportunity to build a perfect product at the cost of having one in-house employee.

Not only this, if we talk about the work hours having 10 outsourced developers, each of the developers can focus all the hours of the day towards one specific task that they have. It is better than having one in-house employee who could only give one hour daily to each of the separate development areas.

Imagine the speed of development when compared to one person giving 1 hour per day to each task that makes 8 hours of development daily compared to your product getting 80 hours parallel development daily. So, its simple math 80 hours a day is obviously more valuable to you than 8 hours a day.

More Focus Placed Towards Business Growth:

Another huge advantage of outsourcing is that as an entrepreneur it frees you up to grow your business instead of just running it. Due to outsourcing, you are able to work on your business while your staff works in it.

Tackling app development in-house firstly increases your cost and the constant upkeep of the development process does not let you have the time to focus to assess internal, environmental challenges and opportunities to cash on business diversification.  

Time Zone Advantage:

Outsourcing app development to regions cheap development cost regions is what we call a time-zone advantage. At the end of the workday an entrepreneur can assign all sorts of tasks to the outsourced team and focus on the project fully.

Imagine waking up the next morning after assigning tasks and the work is completed, so essentially your business grows while you sleep.

Tax and Other Financial Incentives:

If we talk about Canada, they have really high taxes, so if you are a company operating in a region where you have to pay higher taxes for project development. Now, when compared to regions like India or China the population of Canada is way less.

So regions with a lower population present a lack of labor problem and also other financial costs are high. When compared to hiring developers in third world countries you will never face a lack of labor and you don’t have to pay that much as due to internal competition the labor costs are low.

Access to More Perspectives and Talent:

Now imagine working with in-house developers, you get limited thinking and scope as compared to hiring people from other regions. Different people belonging from different environments will be able to provide you with unique perspectives that you would not have thought of when working with an internal team.

As you open your self to the world you are bringing diversity and different opinions to the table, this will, in turn, present you a real feel of the latest application trends because your outsourced team would have the experience of working with many projects.

Secondly, the pool of talent available to you is unlimited, this way you are in a stronger position to negotiate the cost and set deliverables.


As of 2019 nearly 65% of all software development projects were outsourced. As the digital industry grows so grows with its development methods that are cost-effective and take shorter development times. So no way is the right way for development it all depends on the internal requirement of the business, so the key here is to know what you want from an app development project.