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Story of Shubham Singh- 25-yr-old techie who is training Mumbai Police on ‘Cyber Crimes’

Cyber Security | January 26, 2020

Cyber attacks are happening in today’s world. It can also lead to data breaches where confidential information is leaked online and then exploited by criminals to commit financial fraud.

In a bid to put an end to all these illegal activities, 25-year-old Shubham Singh is helping the police department solve complex cases. At a young age itself, Shubham Singh has impressed Mumbai police force with his hard work and dedication. He had the opportunity to lecture the Mumbai Police on ethical hacking and assisting them to solve tough cybercrimes.

He was brought up in a family where computer technology was not common. The turning point of his life was when his Facebook profile was hacked. He started to learn a lot of YouTube videos and other important sources of information for rectifying the problem and he finally got his account back. This very learning experience got him motivated and his passion and interest in ethical hacking increased even more.

There is a specific reason as to why they made up their mind to work with the Mumbai Police. The journey began last year when he was lecturing at an institute in Vikhroli. Impressed by his teachings and his interest to tackle cybercrimes, one of his professors put him in touch with the police department.

He then started helping them by solving a case with his technical knowledge. Since then, he has been connected with Mumbai Police and has played an important role in solving several cases.

Shubham Singh now runs his own start-up named “Cyber World Academy in Vikhroli” which is in collaboration with his friend Soumya Mondal. They are providing this special course (cybercrime investigation) for the police. Once the proposal is sanctioned, the course would be offered free of charge.

Notably, Mumbai Police was very much impressed by Shubham’s quality of work. He will be training the Mumbai police force in fighting the cybercrime once he gets a green signal.

So far, as many as 100 police officers have expressed their interest in joining the course which is free of cost. Learning this course will help them handle cases of cybercrime in a much more effective manner.