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What To Look For When Choosing A Vancouver Web Designer

Team | April 7, 2020

In Vancouver, every time we need to know something, we go to our trusty phone. It’s the window we have to the endless stream of pages and links. What, out of all of the possible options, gets our attention? Some of it is being on the first page, for sure. Yet how often have we had to go down the list because of how insufferable the website is? Good B.C. SEO doesn’t make a good website. What makes a good website is a good local web designer. If you’re looking to make a website but don’t have all of the utilities on hand, contacting a professional web designer can do wonders for both your website and the traffic that it generates. There are principles in play that get someone to stay on your site. Best believe the pro’s know it. 

If you’re in the market to find the best Vancouver web designer you can, here are some things to look for that can make your experience as smooth and positive as possible. 

They’re Local

It may be tempting to check out reviews online for international design firms. That’s all well and good, but having someone that is within your radius is just as important as the resume. Having someone that kind where you’re coming from allows for them to adequately translate your business or idea onto a presentable online space. Try narrowing down the search. For instance, if you’re in Vancouver, it is ideal to check out Vancouver Web Design Companies before expanding. In a city as diverse and technologically driven as Vancouver, you’ll be sure to find a highly capable firm, as well as have your content in the context you’re looking for. Plus, you can try to find the best web design over the internet, but when it comes to design, communicating ideas and having the same set of professional expectations will always be more valuable than mere output. 

They Listen To You

There are some service providers that like to spitball their own ideas and have their own vision for what they think your website should look like. This is often seen in the independent and freelancer world from new, young, hotshots. These qualities, although impressive to some, may not be the best for choosing a good web designer. A good web designer has to be able to listen. They need to be able to take your ideas and present possible means of translating that into the website. That’s the whole point in hiring someone to do a website for you. Someone who has poor listening skills will always be a problem down the line, especially when it comes to changes and edits. Mitigate that by picking up on conversation patterns during the negotiation and initial verbalization processes. 

They Know How To Add Their Own Ideas

On the flip side, you also want a web designer that can, if needed, give you their own ideas. This is not to say they’ll push for what they think the vision should be, but technical know-how and anticipated user interaction are really their line of work. Someone who can find that balance in communication and compliment your ideas by expounding on them is quite rare no matter where you go. When you finally find that quality, that’s usually a very good sign.

They’re Up To Date

Design, especially web design, is always changing. There’s always a new software, or a new code, or a new technique. Advancements in user experience and ongoing analysis of the subject means that updates in thinking and execution may occur while your website is in development. If you have a web designer that is up to date with the trends, you won’t have someone completely in the dark if you bring it up. On the contrary, they might call you and let you know what the new means of providing information are and see if you’ll approve it. Staying up to date doesn’t just mean you can benefit from said advancements, it shows that a person truly is dedicated to their field of expertise. 

They Do Their Own Marketing 

It’s a good idea to check if a web design company does their own marketing. It’s almost like a litmus test to see what kind of capabilities they have. If they do their own form of marketing and it reached you, obviously they’re doing something right. That’s the kind of personal checklist you should have when looking for a web designer around B.C. If the design and message on their product reached you, you can bet that your website will do the same with your target audience. Now, of course, there are other factors such as SEO, but UE and design are all part of what converts a browser into a customer. 

They Clearly Spell Out Their Scope

One of the most frustrating things in business is having expectations for a partner or service provider, only to have them come up short. That’s the source of many headaches and headaches to come. To avoid this, communication, once again, is key. If your web designer can clearly tell you their scope—what they can and cannot do, you won’t be left in the dark with a million expectations unfulfilled. If they’re not completely upfront about it, just ask. Ask them what their limitations are. Tell them to be honest. After all, you’re not looking for a web manager, you’re looking for a web designer. 

Up Front About Memory And Bandwidth Requirements

Designing a website and launching it are two different things. You can have the best idea in the world with the most perfectly executed experience, while in development. But if you don’t know the kind of firepower and resources you need to keep the website up, you’re going to be in trouble. A good web designer should be able to give you a ballpark estimate of how much memory and bandwidth you’ll need to initially keep it running. Is it a data-driven website or is it a company banner? Is it a subscription website or is it a catalogue? Each type has different requirements and a web designer should be able to give you some fairly accurate numbers. 

Vancouver web designers are responsible for some of the best websites and services around. If you’re looking to make a big impact online, make sure they stick to the above criteria. A lot of it is common sense. But if you do your homework and you know what to ask, you’ll be sure to find the right team for you.