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Apps We Wish Existed for Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Business | June 2, 2020

Law firms have realized the potential benefits of having a website where they can offer their services and legal expertise. Now, there are many law firm websites that can be found online, including websites of personal injury attorneys. This major reshaping of the marketing strategy of law firms has given them new avenues to explore and greater access to potential clients. On the users’ side, this development is also a convenient one, as it allows them to easily access law firm websites for legal consultations, advice, and reference. With this relatively new development of online legal marketing, there are still rooms for improvement that we can suggest to make not just personal injury attorneys, but all legal assistance websites become more accessible to all users.

Mobile Law Firm App

One of the new and exciting avenues of personal injury attorneys and other legal practitioners can explore is the development of a mobile app. We are currently seeing an upsurge of mobile phone or smartphone users not just in the city of Los Angeles or the state of California, in the United States as a country. In fact, this is becoming a global trend that is seen to surpass the use of computers when it comes to accessing the internet. This can be something that legal assistance establishments can look to take advantage of as the market for legal assistance becomes more competitive.

Social Media Contact App

Social media has played a key role in the successful expansion and improvement of business markets. It offers a more personalized and interactive way of reaching out to a wider audience and potential clients than simple emails, radio ads, or TV ads. The father and son duo of personal injury lawyers, Gary and Jason Eisenberg of, has championed the use of alternative methods of contacting their law offices. They have tapped the great potential of social media and are using these venues as effective alternatives for them to contact and be contacted by their clients and audiences. They have effectively utilized the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp among the alternatives they offer on how their offices and services can be reached. Now, other law offices are showing a similar trend in their contact availability. With a majority of the North American population having access and accounts on various social media platforms, being able to take advantage of this internet trend in the legal market can give law offices a major boost in their exposure and appeal to the public.

Chatbot-enabled Services

Chatbots have thrived and continue to rise in terms of usage in the business field due to their extensive capabilities and applications. Chatbots can be very effective applications that can revolutionize how law firms can market their services to local, national, and even international audiences. These AI-equipped services can help lawyers study the demographics, case trends, and search behaviors of users who visit their website. Important information collected by chatbots can help lawyers formulate a client-specific approach or an approach that is relevant to the general public. Aside from data collection, chatbots can be capable of first lines of communication between clients or prospective clients and the law firm. While some law offices may hire real-life customer service representatives, chatbots can provide answers to basic legal questions through chat support channels. This minimizes the expenditures of the law office and also helps in the efficient addressing of certain legal concerns to the appropriate lawyer.

Technology can be beneficial in further improving the status of law firms and getting more clients for personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals. Being open to suggestions and recommendations can help open new opportunities for law firm websites to improve. After all, these suggestions or recommendations come from the clients and site visitors themselves, which pretty much represents the preferences of the general public. If your law office can cover these suggestions, it will reap more benefits and attain continued successes in the legal field.