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Pakistan got its first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning

Cyber Security | July 4, 2020

An engineering graduate from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Aqsa Kausar has become Pakistan’s first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is the application of Artificial Intelligence that helps the computer system to predict the outcome and take action accordingly without being explicitly programmed.

Aqsa Kausar has done a lot of contribution in her field, she organized workshops in different events including Google DevFest 2018 and Google Cloud Next Extended 2019 held in Islamabad. She was also part of Google’s Machine Learning Train-the-Trainer session recently held in Singapore.

Aqsa is currently working with a Software firm Red Buffer. While talking to TechJuice, she said, “Being a part of Red Buffer has helped me immensely in my journey to becoming a GDE. Red Buffer has some of the best talents in Machine Learning & AI including some amazing tech-savvy women. Our CEO Tayyab Tariq has always been highly supportive and encouraging in my GDE journey, often saying “it’s not about you, it’s about how you use what you have to help others.”

In her free time, Aqsa also writes blogs on Medium (An online publishing platform) on topics related to Machine Learning. She wants people to learn about this field especially women as she sees a lot of potential in the country.

Aqsa told us, “I believe more women should step forward and make use of this amazing opportunity offered by Google, not just for their personal growth and networking, but also to widen the culture of knowledge sharing in Pakistan and to build communities of value.”

Google Developer Expert program is globally recognized by Google to acknowledge the brilliant minds around the world. A person becomes a Developer Expert if he/she has great knowledge in one or more Google technologies. Experts get selected for the tenure of one year and their job is to support the developers and contribute to the concerned community.

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