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6 reasons to become a web developer

Ruby on Rails | August 17, 2020

Reasons to become a web developer.

The last few years, the tech trend has become more critical than ever. 2019 was marked by the significant trends of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT and app development. These skills are now the most popular among developers, requiring them to know different programming languages.

The world is moving to a new era, and there is no going back to normal after COVID-19 will pass. Internet usage is increasing daily, and more people are dependent on websites, applications and online access for information.

With the growth of users, it is only natural that there is a higher demand for website developers. Website development is not just about programming and coding, it’s much more. It is important to understand the client’s needs and work together with a team of Designers, User Experience designer and back-end developer. All these areas require some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.There are many reasons why to become a web developer, but here are our top picks from our industry expert trainers: 

1 – It is the most accessible career to start – There is a big community online ready to help you out, yes, developers have a big ego, but also a big heart. This community lives by the simple rule of sharing and helping each other. If you find a roadblock, I am sure if you post it on StackOverflow you can find the answer or someone willing to help you find it. 

2 – It is always in high demand – Yes, you need to keep up to date and must love what you do; however, this field of work is still in high demand. The growth of the websites is exponential, as most companies are moving to the digital world; the need for more developers is a fact. The improved speed and accessibility of internet connections have boosted web traffic significantly, prompting businesses to expand their online presence and enlist the services of professional web developers. In Australia, the industry has grown almost 3% from 2014-2019 (

3 – Easy to expand into other areas – I’ve often seen, web developers migrate to other areas, such as DBA (Database Administrator) , Big Data, app development and others. So, if you have a versatile skill that allows you to move around, why not use it? Working in the same position or job for many years is not part of the new generation. Perhaps you need to be flexible and versatile, and becoming a web developer provides you with opportunities to move to other areas, such as becoming a UX/UI expert, App developer, back-end developer or even a full-stack developer. Therefore, it is a great start.

4 – Great income – Developers is one of the highest-paid professionals in the world. Actually, it is one of the few positions you can work from anywhere in the world and get paid in US dollars. There are plenty of freelance websites where companies and people are looking for specialists or developers. In Australia, the average web developer is paid around $90K/year, which is more than ICT Managers earn.

5 – Flexibility – If you have flexible time arrangements, this is a job for you. Forget the 9-5, build your flexible work schedule and work as much or as little as you want. It has great advantages, as you can work for a company and freelance for others on the side. Many developers work part-time and freelance during their “spare” time.

6 – It’s fun – The web tech world is nice, many start-up businesses and new style companies are looking for a hands-on web developer to help them out. You can work for a small company and take ownership and responsibility while you deliver fun and creative web solutions.

If you are still thinking about how to start your career or where to start, talk to one of our course career advisors and we can explain to you how to get into the world of ICT.

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