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How To Implement Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Mobile App | October 3, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the few emerging technologies that promise to bring about some striking transformations in the blooming world of Android app development. When it comes to improving business relations, growth, and expectations, this technology has got the highest spotlight that cannot be overlooked by anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the business world through technology.

It is interesting to see how AI is growing rapidly to become the next big thing the world has ever known. Today, many app development companies around the world are not only interested in adopting AI but are also focused on putting the technology into the hands of people. Basically, they are looking to introduce it through apps in their mobile devices.

By incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) features with Android app development, many smartphones will soon begin to perform some advanced technology roles such as landmark recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning, face recognition, and text recognition. Aside from helping to bring about amazing user experience, building Android applications equipped with in-built AI features can go a long way to simplify work for many smartphone users.

Artificial learning ideas for mobile apps

There are several ways a mobile app development company can apply Artificial Intelligence in an Android application. Depending on the task on ground, any app developers can learn to incorporate AI into their app development project just to get the help they need.

Optimize the searching process

It will be more intuitive and less troublesome for mobile users to engage in a searching process, perform suggestions, spelling corrections, and add a voice search when AI is integrated into a search engine. In a nutshell, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an android app can invariably help to optimize the searching process for mobile users. This is more or less a priority for most app development companies looking to take this route.

Consider video or audio recognition

These days, it is becoming more and more popular to find mobile applications enhanced with a chatbot feature. The Apple Siri is one of such examples. For most app development companies, the use of an AI technology is all about simplifying authentication through the use of a fingerprint or face recognition while to some, the technology can only just be used for an entertainment purpose like Snapchat. However, it is important to note that there are several ways AI technologies can be used to enhance video and audio recognition abilities in a mobile device.


Study behavior patterns

One of the commonest ways of implementing AI technologies in Android app development is by integrating algorithms that are capable of analyzing users’ behavior patterns and also make recommendations for them by searching for requests. By offering personalized products or services, the customer experience can be increased which can significantly contribute to a successful sales process. This is one of a few tech methods that are commonly used in the e-commerce sector.

Learning how to implement Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most reputable technologies that are currently making waves in the mobile app industry. Just so you know, there are several app development companies that are committed to the task of creating intelligent mobile applications that can modify themselves to attend to users’ needs without requiring their permanent control.

With this technology, any mobile app development company can tailor its Android application to function based on the personal needs of its users. Unarguably, app developers stand a better chance to attract more users and even build a stronger and more viable connection with existing ones by simply adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a mobile application.

While helping to significantly improve user experience, it is amazing to see how the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can efficiently help to solve a wide range of tasks. Here are some effective ways AI can be integrated to enhance Android app development.

Create a friendly and intelligent digital assistant

These days, many customers are no longer interested in writing long letters or making calls to access support from customer service. Since the whole process is done online, the customer does not expect “opening hours” in the traditional sense and therefore customer service should be able to answer questions around the clock. Interestingly, some app development companies have begun adopting AI integration as an alternative means to help customers get all the necessary information. One way to effectively do this is by creating an intelligent digital assistant such as a chatbot to support customers with the right customer service and assistance they need. Companies like e-bot7 are offering superior hybrid AI solutions for customer service to improve service efficiencies up to 80%.

Use data to your advantage

Generally, technologies like AI require large amounts of data to effectively function. Basically, its efficiency depends solely on its ability to effectively analyze data such as the efficiency of an app, upcoming trends, market changes, behavioral patterns, client’s financial status, and so on. Therefore, this technology has been considered to be very valuable to the finance industry.

Secure your app

With the increasing rate of cyber crimes, any mobile app development company would want to consider the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for app security purposes. This is mainly because it offers a fast and secure authentication process. As a matter of fact, AI can be effectively incorporated in conjunction with a range of recognition types to pass user identification and authentication. This is a suitable decision for developing e-commerce apps and other personality apps.

Mining big data

It is expected for any mobile app development company looking to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for app development to understand what mining big data is all about. Just so you know, this can go a long way in helping to improve the process of acquiring precise information by analyzing different kinds of data.

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