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Reasons to use Flutter for mobile app development

Mobile App | December 10, 2020

This is the era of living among different mobile technologies. The app market is very dynamic and is growing higher at a rapid pace. In the present time, the concept of cross-platform mobile development is revolutionizing the app development process for developers and businesses as well.

Android and Flutter both are managed by Flutter. Native and Cross-platform applications are making android devices more reliable and flexible for users. Android development was started at Android Inc. and Google bought it in 2015. Later the Flutter project began at Google and in 2017, the first Flutter SDK was released. Flutter changed the scenario of native app development. Nowadays, every business association wants to develop an app in less time and low cost. The main reason behind the fact that managers are looking for cross-platform is that native app development requires two different tech stack. It results, the need for two distinct teams and high expenditures.

Hence, Flutter is the latest booming technology across the market for cross-platform app development. In this blog, you will get to know the reasons to use Flutter for mobile application development.

Let’s have a look –

A Plethora of Plugins to choose from

Flutter doesn’t fail to impress with its tons of plugins that make development easier. You can simply add the features without having the code written from scratch; it saves huge time and resources incorporate in making app development faster.

With all the widgets, plugins, tools and packages that the Flutter offers, you can customize them as per the requirements. When you have so much to choose from, app development becomes exciting and easy.

Smooth performance on both platforms

iOS and Android are currently the two major platforms for smartphones across the world and by using Flutter your mobile app development needs. It allows you to create apps that seamlessly run on both platforms. Since Flutter comes with its own range of designs and widgets; it doesn’t actually rely on a specific platform for which you are looking to develop the app. You can run the same mobile app on both platforms and also differentiate the app if you want them to.

Faster App Development

Design and Development are handy when it comes to app development. It happens every time that a designer has designed a very sleek and amazing design for the application but when it comes to developing the same design it’s a bit different than the original design.

Yeah well, it’s a small play for a flutter, as it has a feature which is called Hot Reload that allows the developers to check the output of the code at an instant action. So that the developers can change the part where they find it’s not appropriate for the application or according to the design.

In past times we all know when we used to code with some other framework that worked before the new frameworks years back. A single mistake in the code would have cost to write it again from the scratch but this is not reloading feature in flutter which prevents developers to start the modification from scratch.

Perfect for an MVP

If you’re willing to show your product to the investor as soon as possible then you can go for flutter mobile app development that renders the native look on both the Android and iOS. Although, your investor will have a clear idea that what your MVP looks like. Also developing an application on two platforms would take more time and money.

By choosing to hire Flutter developer and work on an app development project, you can actually get better end products with fewer tests. When you have the same application for two different platforms, it naturally reduces the need to carry out extensive testing. It can reduce the need to carry out extensive testing that quickens the procedure of Quality Assurance and save on time. The single codebase offered by Flutter can necessitate the running of automatic tests for only a single time. Quality Assurance specialists also have much less work to handle as they need to evaluate only a single app.


Flutter Documentation part makes it the developer’s favorite framework. The code is very neat and simple and does not need the developers to put some extra effort into learning the language. One can say the documentation part is well organized and provides the exclusive information and tools for cross-platform app development.

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